Illinois Skyrockets To No. 4 Sports Betting Market In US

Written By Joe Boozell on November 13, 2020Last Updated on March 3, 2021

Illinois quickly rose to the top of the rankings, for sure. 4 activities gaming markets exist in the US. Was it hold the top position in the future?

The Prairie State posted $305.2 million in handle for September, rising from $140 million in August. BetRivers led the way with a 36.9% market share, but DraftKings and FanDuel are beginning to close the gap.

September was poised to be a big revenue month in Illinois, and it delivered.

There were plenty of factors to support the state’s success. Mobile registration was in place for the entire month, the first time that’s been the case in the market’s infancy stages.

Furthermore, there were five online sportsbooks in Illinois. BetRivers, DraftKings and FanDuel were online for the entire month, while PointsBet and William Hill joined the fray in mid-September.

Perhaps most importantly, football returned at the NFL and college levels. Throw MLB and the NBA playoffs into the mix, and September featured a loaded sports calendar.

For the first time in September, Illinois surpasses Indiana.

Neighboring Indiana posted $207 million in handle in September, setting a record of its own. But it only took a few months for Illinois to pass the Hoosier State.

Illinois also surpassed Colorado in September.

Revenue for IL sportsbooks decreased from$ 7.2 million in August to$ 6.84 million. That was sufficient for a hold of 2.244 %.

As a result, Cook County added over$ 82, 000, while the state added$ 1.03 million in tax money to its coffers.

Pennsylvania, which has roughly the same population as Illinois, recorded $462.8 million in handle in September.

As the business develops, Illinois is moving in that direction if distant registration is still in use.

Just over 97 % of bets were made online in September, topping both July and August.

Once more, BetRivers is in the lead, but opposition is encroaching.

In August, BetRivers carved out a sizable 84 % market share. It had the benefit of allowing users to register mildly in June and July and was the only live online casino for the entire month.

During those times, no additional Illinois sportsbook was open, giving BetRivers a substantial advantage.

In September, it continued to dominate the market, posting about$ 112.69 million & nbsp in handle. However, its rivals are beginning to close the gap.

Here & rsquo examines the September performance of each Illinois sportsbook:

Sportsbook Handle
BetRivers $ 112.7 billion
DraftKings $ 98.3 billion
FanDuel $ 78.6 billion
PointsBet $ 8.88 billion
Sportsbook at the Alton Argosy Casino( retail only ) $ 2. 3 million
John Hill $ 2. 2 million
Joliet Sportsbook at the Hollywood Casino( retail only ) $ 1. 1 million
Betting at Aurora Casino in Hollywood( store only ) $ 1.08 billion

the various The market for sports betting in Illinois is beginning to mature as a result of the four books & rsquo, eating into BetRivers & dro, dominance. FanDuel claimed about 25.7 % of the total control in the state, while DraftKings was next in market share at 32.2 %.

In both instances, the load was carried by the website control. Over 97.8 % of DraftKings’ total revenue, or$ 96.15 million, came from online wagers. The breakdown on FanDuel & rsquo’s side was even more skewed in favor of online wagers, as the retail book at Par-A-Dice Casino in East Peoria accounted for less than 0.3 % of the total.

It doesn’t appear that the breakdown will change in retail & rsquo’s favor any time soon, either. In Prairie State, the situation with COVID-19 appears to be just getting worse.

Smart registration is probably active for a while.

It’s difficult to imagine Gov. Given how COVID – 19 statistics are trending in Illinois. The requirement for in-person membership will soon be reinstated by JB Pritzker.

If nationwide numbers don’t improve, Pritzker may soon announce any new state restrictions that might have an impact on Illinois casinos, off-track gambling sites, racetracks, and video lottery rooms. Some of the figures are worse than what the state experienced in February and March before the first closing, according to Pritzker’s press presentation on Thursday.

If that occurs, as long as there are sporting events to play on, online sports betting in Illinois may keep expanding. The Illinois constitutional sports betting industry seems to be worth every cent that opponents anticipated.

Derek Helling also contributed to this report.  

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