A Glance At When Illinois Casinos Could Potentially Reopen Their Doors

Written By Sam Eggleston on May 20, 2020
When will Illinois casinos reopen open closed casino

Illinois gamblers are unsure of when the exact will take place in Illinois after hearing that Missouri casinos may open their doors on June 1. & nbsp,

The solution? Nobody is aware. & nbsp,

Despite casinos getting the green light from the Missouri Gaming Commission to originally open May 15, the decision, according to radio station KMOX-AM, was pushed back to better coincide with local government opening dates.

Casino Queen andArgosy Casino Alton, which are Illinois casinos near the St. Louis area, have no timetable for reopening. 

Illinois’s economical impact is considerable.

A.D. Quig, the government and politics reporter at Crain’s Chicago Business, said during an interview with NPR news station WBEZ-FM that casinos remaining closed is “bad news for state budgets, city budgets, and future plans” in terms of economic impact. 

Therefore, as of today, the casinos have lost more than$ 100 million in revenue alone, & rdquo, according to Quig. & ldquo, That does not take into account the money they have spent on expenses related to viruses. This indicates that the state has lost about$ 50 million in casino tax revenue, and the local communities where casinos are situated have lost$ 10 million. & rdquo, nbsp, and

Quig continued by stating that these losses did not include video games or sports betting and were simply & ldquo, or casinos alone.

What is the strategy of Missouri & rsquo?

In order to create social distance, Missouri & rsquo, s 13 casinos will be forced to make changes. Less slot machines and table games for punters to use are among the anticipated adjustments. & nbsp,

In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the casino personnel will also be required to wear faces and undergo extensive washing. No decision has been made as of yet as to whether buyers will also be required to wear face veils. & nbsp,

The Missouri Gaming Commission reports that the state has lost about$ 55 million in casino tax revenue. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state & rsquo, which includes riverboat casinos, has been closed since March 17.

Is Illinois on the verge of opening gambling? & nbsp,

There is currently no set date for when Illinois gambling will be able to open their doors. & nbsp,

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker recently revealed a five-phase plan called “Restore Illinois” that would allow the gathering of 50 or fewer people during the fourth phase. 

Phase Four, also known as regeneration, is where gatherings of 50 people or fewer are permitted, with the cap subject to change based on information and advice, according to Quig.

It should be interesting to see how casinos adjust to this, & ldquo. They’ve been thinking carefully about how to create this safer, including installing plastic dividers between game stations, among other things. hand-washing. 

& ldquo, However, many of these casinos have capacities greater than 50 people, so I don’t anticipate seeing them fully operational once more until we have reached Phase Five, which may not be until a vaccine is developed. & rdquo,

In the interim, Illinois may suffer as a result of the opening of Missouri & rsquo casinos. East St. Louis-based Casino Queen might reduce business to its Missouri peers. specifically to Lumi & egrave, re Place in St. Louis, and Lemay-based River City Casino, which are each about five and twenty minutes’ drive away, respectively.

& ldquo, Quig said during her NPR interview,” Casino people are obviously eager to make money, so they also want to figure out a way to keep people safe and to also keep their 5, 000 employees safe.” & nbsp,

As of May 19, Illinois had a total of 4, 234 murders and 96, 485 COVID – 19 cases in its state. The execution of 603, 241 testing has been reported by laboratories.

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