Live Sports Betting Odds

Sportsbooks in Illinois offer some of the top odds in the US, providing a plethora of options for local bettors. The following are the apps that offer the best odds and lines in Illinois.

Best apps for Illinois sports betting odds

Illinois sports bettors can find the best odds by exploring various apps. Here are the leading apps for sports betting odds in Illinois.

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Latest Illinois sportsbook odds: Moneyline, spread and totals

Keeping track of the latest figures from various sportsbooks can take up a lot of time. However, our live odds feed at Play Illinois resolves this problem. We gather the most recent odds and lines from numerous operators and present them in real-time on our platform.

How Our Live Odds Feed Works

Our feed consolidates real-time live odds for today’s games across several major sports. We extract the data straight from each sportsbook, so these numbers are identical to what you would see if you visited each book individually.

We’re extracting the figures directly from a feed and updating everything in real-time on our platform. This ensures no delays that could lead to you missing an action. If the sportsbook displays a specific figure, that’s exactly what will be reflected here.

We currently provide live odds for the following sports:

We intend to broaden the feed in the future, expecting to incorporate more sports soon. To alternate between sports, you just need to use the league name drop-down menu and select the sport of your choice.

You can replicate this for every type of bet using the adjacent menu. When a sport is in its offseason, its feed will understandably be empty. However, you still have the option to place futures bets on that sport.

We’ll soon provide additional details in our “futures” section below, along with information on all other types of bets.

We also recommend you to visit our live odds feed page soon, as we plan to include futures odds among upcoming additions.

When are Sports Betting Lines Released?

Each game on the schedule has odds and lines released by sportsbooks. The release time may differ, but there is a standard rule you can adhere to.

For regularly scheduled sports, the odds should be released either the night before the competition or at the latest, the morning of the game. This is applicable to sports like NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA basketball.

Should you not encounter listed odds for a scheduled game on the same day, it implies that the sportsbook has either not revealed the line or has removed it. This can occur if there are uncertainties regarding a key player’s playing time, for instance.

Football teams in the NFL and NCAA only play games weekly. The odds for these games are often announced well ahead of time, sometimes as soon as the current week’s games are nearing their end.

The NCAA football regular season week ends on Saturday, with odds for the next week’s games appearing by Monday. The NFL week concludes with Monday Night Football.

Odds and lines may become visible as the Sunday slate is nearing its end, typically no later than Monday or Tuesday. If there’s a delay in a line for an NFL or college football game, it signifies that the betting world is awaiting crucial information.

What Causes Sports Betting Lines to Change?

Once sportsbooks make the odds public, betting activity starts to pick up. After that, it’s quite usual to see some changes in the posted numbers. But why does this occur?

We can primarily attribute the occasional fluctuations in the numbers to betting activity, though unexpected information such as sudden injuries or trades can also cause shifts.

In essence, when the vast majority of public funds gravitate towards one side of a wager, it results in a skewed situation for the sportsbook. This is an undesirable scenario for operators, as it creates a risk for them.

To balance the action, oddsmakers may slightly adjust the numbers. They will enhance the appeal of the less favored side while reducing the attractiveness of the popular side. If this strategy doesn’t achieve the intended effect, they could continue to tweak the numbers until they discover the perfect balance.

In an ideal situation for sportsbooks, they aim to draw nearly equal action on both sides. This allows them to profit irrespective of the result because of the inherent juice. However, if they are excessively biased, and the public’s predictions are correct, they end up being liable for numerous payouts.

The market for sports betting odds can shift rapidly, particularly for games that draw a high volume of bets. It’s always advisable to compare prices to secure the best deals before placing your bets. Our live odds feed makes this process quick and easy for you.

Bet Types

Our live odds feed provides figures for the three primary betting types for team-based sports that you can find at almost every sportsbook:

  • Moneyline
  • Point spreads
  • Totals

While scrolling through the various odds according to bet type, keep in mind that these numbers are real-time from the operators. However, these odds are susceptible to change based on market activity, so the numbers may differ if you revisit later.

If you find a number that appeals to you, you can quickly place your bets. A “Bet Now” button will appear when you hover over the odds for a particular matchup.

When you click on it, you’ll be guided to a fresh page where you can establish an account with that sportsbook. What’s more, by using our exclusive link to create your account, you’ll receive an impressive sign-up bonus.

How Do Odds Work?

The sports betting menu is extensive. There’s nearly always a match happening, offering dozens of betting options for each game.

Having mentioned that, the three primary bet types we discussed earlier are the major catalysts for action at online sportsbooks and apps. Let’s delve deeper into what you should understand about them.

Moneyline betting

The moneyline bet is among the easiest wagers to comprehend. Your only task is to choose the side you believe will emerge victorious in the game, then place your bets accordingly. This type of bet is applicable to all the major team sports, and it operates identically across all of them.

The moneyline odds can instantly reveal the favorite and underdog in the game. Negative numbers indicate the favored side, while positive odds are associated with the underdog side.

Here is an example of how a moneyline listing looks like:

  • Detroit Red Wings +140
  • Chicago Blackhawks -120

This example indicates that the Blackhawks are favored to win over the Red Wings, according to the odds. A narrow margin between the numbers suggests a potentially tight game. In contrast, a significant discrepancy in the odds implies that oddsmakers perceive a clear mismatch on paper.

You can also determine potential earnings from winning moneyline bets purely by examining the odds. Here’s an easy method to do it.

The negative number for favorites indicates the amount we need to bet to potentially win $100. If we use our earlier example, a $120 wager on the Blackhawks could potentially yield a $100 return.

From the perspective of the underdog, the positive number indicates the return on a winning bet of $100. If, for instance, a bet of that amount was placed on the Red Wings who subsequently won, the profit would be $140.

Point spread betting

Betting on the point spread is particularly common in football and basketball, however, there are different versions for other sports. In baseball, it’s referred to as a run line, usually set at 1.5. Similarly, in hockey, it’s known as a puck line, typically set at 1.5.

Spreads can vary from a single point for a potentially tight game to double figures for apparent mismatches. You can choose the favorite minus the points or select the underdog plus the number.

For your bet to be successful, the side you pick must beat the spread. Here is an example of what a standard game listing might appear like:

  • New York Giants are favored by +2.5 with odds of -110.
  • Detroit Lions -2.5 (-110)

In this situation, the Lions are given a 2.5 point advantage, implying they need to win by at least 3 points to cover the spread. However, if the Giants manage to limit the margin to 2 points or less – or even win the game – then they would cover the spread.

The actual odds for the bet are located right next to the spread. The starting point for spread bets at most operators is -110 on both sides, however, the odds can vary depending on market activity. If you were to place a successful $100 bet at odds of -110, you could expect a profit of approximately $90.90.

Totals (over/under) betting

The totals bet, which draws a significant amount of betting activity for team sports, involves the total cumulative points expected to be scored in the game.

Oddsmakers establish a reference number, allowing bettors to determine whether they believe the total points will exceed or fall short of that figure. For sports with typically lower scores, such as MLB and NHL, the totals will generally be single digits, like 5.5 or 8.5.

Football scores often reach the double digits, such as 39.5 or 52.5, whereas basketball scores typically hit the triple digits, like 192.5 or 211.5. This is how the over/under section of an NBA odds listing appears on online sportsbooks and apps:

  • Over 204.5 (-110)
  • Under 204.5 (-110)

In this instance, those betting on the over are hoping for a total of 205 points or more, while those betting on the under want the final score to be 204 points or less.

The default for these bets, like spreads, begins at -110, and depending on the betting action, it may adjust from there.

How Do I Calculate Sports Betting Payouts?

As you become more experienced with sports betting, you’ll start to understand what kind of return you can anticipate based on the odds. Also, sportsbooks show the possible return when you input bet amounts on the betting slip.

However, it remains beneficial to comprehend the mechanics of the math. With the moneyline, as we previously illustrated, matters are simple:

  • Odds in the negative: The negative odds indicate the amount you need to stake to win $100. For instance, if the odds are -140, you need to place a bet of $140 to potentially earn a return of $100.
  • Positive odds: These odds indicate the amount you would earn from a successful $100 wager. For instance, a bet of $100 at odds of +120 would yield a $120 profit.

Typically, the odds for spreads and totals are negative. It’s not too difficult to remember that when the number defaults to -110, you will receive a return of approximately $90.

From that point, it might become complex, however, we have formulas to guide us to the solution:

Potential Profit = Bet Amount / (Odds / -100)


The equation $100/(-140/-100) simplifies to $100/1.4, which equals $71.43. Therefore, the potential profit is $71.43.

Potential profit is calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds divided by 100.


$100*(+120/100) can be rewritten as $100*1.2, which equals $120. Therefore, the potential profit is $120.

Understanding the math behind betting is beneficial, but there are numerous online betting calculators available on the internet.

More betting lines and odds

As previously stated, our live odds feed will have more features in the future. There are numerous other methods to place your bets on games that have not yet been included. Let’s explore the main types of bets you should look for on any online sportsbook or app.

Futures betting

The futures market is centered around results that will be settled in the future. These are available for all major sports, with the most common bets focused on champions of the season and other results.

  • Future predictions for NFL: Super Bowl, Most Valuable Player, and more.
  • NBA predictions: NBA Finals outcome, Rookie of the Year, and more.
  • Futures in MLB: World Series, Cy Young, etc.
  • Futures in NHL: Stanley Cup, Hart Trophy, etc.
  • Futures in NCAA Football: National Champion, Heisman Trophy
  • Future predictions for NCAA basketball: Final Four and Player of the Year.

Odds for futures are issued for the respective sports in the offseason. Numerous major markets remain operational throughout the year. As most of the odds are positive, calculating payouts becomes simple. For instance, a $100 bet at +250 yields a profit of $250.

Prop betting

Props, or additional wagers, can be placed on individual games. These are generally popular bets, but interest can significantly increase during certain events, like the Super Bowl. During this major event, sportsbooks will release hundreds of props.

You should typically see dozens of opportunities in an average game, many centered on player achievements.

  • Will Jared Goff have over or under 2.5 TD passes?
  • Is Dylan Larkin going to score a goal in the game – yes/no?
  • Who will accumulate more hits and walks in the game, Miguel Cabrera or Jose Abreu?

Game or team circumstances can also determine props, such as which team will have more rushing yards, or if the game will require overtime to determine a winner.

Live (in game) betting

This refers to one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the sports betting industry – live betting. Live betting means you can bet as the game is in progress. Although the odds and markets fluctuate rapidly, service providers ensure you can easily keep track of what’s happening.

Live betting is incredibly enjoyable and user-friendly through sportsbook apps. These apps are highly favored among users, allowing them to watch the game while simultaneously monitoring their device for betting opportunities. The options for live betting can differ, but some common ones you’ll often come across include:

  • Updated probabilities for moneyline, spreads, and totals.
  • Wagering on quarters and halves
  • Real-time player prop wagers

The determination of odds will depend on the events occurring on the playing field. Individuals who can accurately perceive changes in momentum and player performances may be able to leverage that understanding to be successful in live betting.

Parlay betting

Parlays, a favored option at authorized sportsbooks, are bets that allow you to link multiple outcomes on one betting ticket. While the payouts can be impressive, parlays are challenging to win since all selections must be accurate.

To give a swift illustration, suppose you felt assured about these three NFL moneyline wagers:

  • Chicago Bears have +160 odds against Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Carolina Panthers are favored to win over Atlanta Falcons with odds of +110.
  • Los Angeles Rams are favored to win over Washington Football Team with odds of -360.

You have the option to stake separate bets on each, or combine all three wagers on the same slip, aiming for a higher return. The parlay odds will depend on the figures for the individual games.

After adding the games to the slip, the total odds for the parlay will be shown by the sportsbook. The odds for the three-team parlay from our example games equate to +597.

If you wager $20 at +597 odds and all three teams emerge victorious, you would receive a return of $119.40. This is quite impressive, making the allure of parlays easy to comprehend.

In other words, remember that sportsbooks heavily rely on parlay bets for their total hold. They can be won, but ensure you don’t exceed your budget.

Teaser/pleaser betting

Teaser and pleaser bets, primarily used in football and basketball games, are somewhat complex as they allow bettors greater control over the point spread. These bets are typically placed in combinations of games.

You are permitted to adjust the spreads on a few games, which usually focus on essential numbers like 6 points in football or 4 points in basketball. In the case of a teaser, these points can be used to lessen the spread. For instance, suppose you favored the next two major favorites on an NFL slate:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers have a 7 point advantage over Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Dallas Cowboys are favored to beat New York Giants by 9.5 points.

You favor the two top contenders to win, but the large spreads make you anxious about a cover. This is a situation where a 6-point teaser could be a reasonable option, allowing you to reduce the spread on these two games by that margin.

The following will be the result:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers are favored by 1 point against Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Dallas Cowboys have a 3.5 point advantage over New York Giants.

Of course, the payout from sportsbooks will vary based on the number of points used, as they adjust accordingly. The pleaser bet operates in the opposite manner, with the spread moving in the opposite direction.

Using our sample teams, the spreads would now appear as follows:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers are favored by 13 points over Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Dallas Cowboys have a 15.5 point advantage over New York Giants.

Covering such large numbers may seem daunting, but if you anticipate blowouts, this kind of bet could be logical. The sportsbook will modify the payout according to the pleaser, which should skew more in your favor considering the extra risk you’re taking.

How do Illinois Odds Compare to Vegas Odds?

For years, Las Vegas monopolized legal sports betting in the US. However, this is no longer the situation. An increasing number of states, including Illinois, have now legalized sports betting.

In the era when Sin City was the leader, the bookmakers there had the ultimate say on the betting lines. However, the narrative has slightly changed in the present context. The people responsible for the figures in the desert remain highly skilled. The statistics they display are derived from a vast amount of data and meticulously honed algorithms, hence they definitely deserve recognition.

In conclusion, sports betting operators in states where it is legal are offering odds that align with what is available in Las Vegas. While market activity may cause some differences, local bookmakers are generally accurate.

In summary, it is perfectly fine to take some time to see what Vegas’s perspective on a game is. But you can be confident that you will find similar numbers right here at home.

Odds FAQ

The sports betting lines typically shift following their initial release, largely influenced by the volume of betting activity. If the majority of money is favoring one side, sportsbooks will modify the figures to balance the action.

Oddsmakers rely heavily on a vast amount of data, along with computers and algorithms, when setting lines. Consequently, it can be challenging to create lines that align with what the sportsbooks generate. However, many experienced handicappers develop their own power rankings to guide them towards a “fair” point spread. There are also various power ranking systems available online, many of which can be used free of charge.

A sports betting odds ratio indicates the implied probability, which is the likelihood of an outcome occurring according to the betting odds. There are specific formulas to use depending on the trend of the numbers.

  • Negative odds: Odds/(Odds+100)*100
  • Positive odds: 100/(Odds+100)*100

You can observe that the formula for negative numbers starts with the odds, whereas the formula for positive numbers invariably commences with 100. After tackling these formulas several times, you’ll realize that they are not as complex as they may seem. Furthermore, they can enhance your comprehension of the probability of outcomes.

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this. If we were to conduct a survey among a considerable number of bettors, we would likely get a range of different responses. Generally speaking, Football odds markets tend to be quite efficient due to the significant time gap between when the odds are released and the actual game time. Sports that are played more frequently may display more variability. Ultimately, it boils down to how comfortable you are with the particular sport. For the most favorable odds, don’t forget that you can always check the most recent figures via our live odds feed.

Teams at sportsbooks are responsible for publishing the odds, and the individual who heads these teams is commonly known as the oddsmaker. These teams rely on extensive data, computer systems, and unique algorithms to establish the odds. Once they are satisfied with their calculations, the odds are made public. As bets are placed, the odds and lines may be altered depending on where the money is being wagered.

Simply put, betting odds indicate the probability of a particular result. The side with the odds in their favor is anticipated to win, whereas the underdog is less likely to emerge victorious. However, given the unpredictable nature of sports, upsets are always possible once the game begins. Sportsbooks employ sophisticated systems to establish the odds, with dedicated teams working solely on this task. The odds provided by reliable, legally operating entities should be taken seriously as they communicate valuable information.