Why Caesars And Barstool Have So Much To Gain Once In-Person Registration Goes Away

Written By Joe Boozell on February 18, 2022Last Updated on March 4, 2022
Caesars Sportsbook

Every Illinois sportsbook has something to gain when online registration returns on March 5, but it benefits some operators more than others based on the current climate. Today, we’re zeroing in on a couple in particular: Caesars by William Hill and Barstool.

It’s been about 11 months since you could sign up for Illinois sports betting sites online.

Of course, the majority of sports bettors benefited from the roughly seven-month online enrollment time in 2020 and 2021. As a result, Illinois won the third-highest amount of bet in the US in 2021, totaling over$ 7 billion.

Illinois Caesars have untapped possible

Take a look at Illinois sports betting revenuenumbers, and Caesars is the last among online brands in every key metric. Barstool and PointsBet, meanwhile, typically wrestle for fourth place out of the six operators.

Here are the figures for December 2021:

Licensee Product on the internet Complete Solve Manage Internet Shop Manage Overall Income Express Revenue Local Income Taxes
King of the Casino DraftKings $294,985,404 $290,351,200 $4,634,204 $7,458,441 $957,719 $78,212
Park Fairmount FanDuel $232,243,488 $230,561,954 $1,681,534 $13,860,860 $1,939,242 $133,627
Des Plaines Rivers BetRivers $133,364,051 $116,567,365 $16,796,686 $7,637,398 $1,042,525 $95,757
Aurora in Hollywood Barstool $56,136,844 $53,495,432 $2,641,412 $2,327,826 $353,447 $24,488
Hawthorne PointsBet $50,828,320 $48,199,016 $2,629,304 $4,300,556 $607,004 $51,750
Queen Victoria Caesars $15,464,408 $13,689,285 $1,775,123 $657,828 $103,859 $0
Argosy N/A $4,585,414 $0 $4,585,414 $266,493 $29,907 $0
Hollywood diva N/A $1,359,485 $0 $1,359,485 $92,296 $8,623 $0
Par-A-Dice FanDuel $632,934 $0 $632,934 $75,510 $10,468 $36
Total $789,600,348 $752,864,252 $36,736,096 $36,677,208 $5,052,794 $383,870

Caesars, which at the time was just William Hill, debuted in Illinois in September 2020. Its advertising was largely minimal, and there weren’t many promotions.

The company flux played a major role in that. Since Illinois has had in-person registration for about a year, Caesars has increased its spending elsewhere, but it hasn’t gone all-in on the Land of Lincoln.

Take New York, for instance — where sports betting is now legal — Caesars is offering extremely generous sign-up bonuses. In Illinois, prepare to see more JB Smooveads, as Caesars is becoming much more aggressive with its marketing push nationally.

It may not compete with the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel in IL. But come football season 2022, it would be surprising if Caesars in Illinois was struggling to clear $20 million in monthly handle as it does now.

Everything to do with Barstool schedule

The situation with Barstool is straightforward: It didn’t have much time to file users online in Illinois.

To be exact, it had three months. Midway through March, Barstool debuted in Illinois, and by the beginning of April, we had another in-person membership.

Considering that account, Barstool’s Illinois numbers are pretty impressive. Chicago is one of the more popular Barstool markets, and the company even opened up a Barstool sports bar in River North.

Again, don’t expect Barstool to compete with the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings in Illinois. But challenging BetRivers for the No. 3 spot in market share could be in play.

The sports gambling industry in Illinois is distinctive.

On a monthly basis, Illinois’ sports betting statistics are close to Pennsylvania‘s. However, Pennsylvania has 13 online casinos as opposed to Illinois’ six.

It & rsquo, which is unusual for such a large market to have so few sportsbooks, is due to COVID-19 weirdness( as well as policy oddness ).

BetMGM Sportsbook will be the seventh online provider to launch in Illinois, as it is expected to be up and running in time to place bets on March Madness. There are also three mystery online-only license applicants, but it remains to be seen when they will gain approval.

This is all a way of saying that DraftKings and FanDuel’s dominance in IL (a combined 67%market share in 2021) is not normal, and there is room for more operators to have a significant footing. That’s not the case in most states where sports betting is booming.

The Illinois sporting gaming industry will eventually return to normal. and March 5 acts as a significant turning point.

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