Brush Up On Caliente Interactive, Which Is On Track To Be Illinois’ Newest Sportsbook

Written By Matt Boecker on April 29, 2022

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of Caliente Interactive, a fresh casino that is about to enter the Illinois market. & nbsp,

In the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) meeting held on Thursday, the IGB deniedFubo Sportsbook’s request for an Illinois sportsbook license. 

Marcus Fruchter, the superintendent of the IGB, also mentioned that a second unidentified person for an unlicensed sportsbook withdrew its bid.

To create an interactive monitoring experience, Fubo, a well-known television streaming service, offers sportsbooks in Iowa and Arizona that let you combine your sports betting account with your TV subscription.

The IGB chose to accept Caliente & nbsp’s request to potentially become a sports betting option for residents of the Prairie State in place of Fubo. This was an unanticipated choice, and the lack of information available online about Caliente only served to increase the IGB’s aura. & nbsp,

Although Caliente doesn’t yet have a full license, it seems like it will soon. In the upcoming weeks, it will collaborate with the IGB to get final approval. The Caliente product appears to be under license by Tekkorp, a NASDAQ-listed plain check company. & nbsp,

The sportsbook that might be entering the Land of Lincoln in the upcoming months should be aware of the following facts: & nbsp,

Popularity of Caliente & rsquo in Mexico

Caliente Interactive was established in 2014 and has its headquarters in Tijuana, Mexico. It is the most well-known sportsbook in Mexico & rsquo. & nbsp, ++

As they currently don’t operate in any US states, entering Illinois will also serve as Caliente & rsquo’s entry into the country.

owned by Grupo Caliente

A larger company known as Grupo Caliente, which also owns games, off-track gaming, and sports gambling establishments in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Austria, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and the Caribbean, is the owner of the company. Groupo Caliente, which was established in 1916, has existed for a lot longer than the company & rsquo’s digital arm. & nbsp,

In addition to betting, Grupo Caliente is involved in business endeavors like Globalsat, a satellite connection provider based in the US. The group also owns the multipurpose facility in Tijuana called Estadio Caliente. It serves as Club Tijuana‘s home field in Liga MX, the top division of Mexico & rsquo.

Background of Grupo Caliente

The unique version of the Agua Caliente Racetrack, then known in Tijuana as Calliente Hipodromo, was owned by Grupo Calente, which was founded in 1916. Dog and horse racing took place on the track in 1929.

When Grupo Caliente introduced gambling and electric game terminals in 1998, it started to diversify its betting options. & nbsp,

Currently, only greyhound races are shown on the racetrack part of the entertainment.

There are two more Illinois certificates accessible.

Fruchter promised to share more details about the two additional certificates available for new casinos in Illinois during the Thursday meeting.

Fubo Sportsbook might now have another chance to win the IGB’s acceptance.

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