Feds Get First Conviction Of Illegal Gambling Ring Tied To Casey Urlacher

Written By Derek Helling on July 6, 2020

CaseyUrlacher, the brother of former ChicagoBears linebacker BrianUrlacher, may have more to worry about now. The first news about an illegal gambling ring broke since February, when federal agents arrested Casey Urlacher for his alleged participation.

One of the ring members pleaded guilty on July 2 to a single count of conspiring to conduct an unlicensed gambling operation. It’s unclear what that will mean for the other members of the group, however.

What we know about Casey Urlacher’s possible responsibility

According to the arrest documents, Casey Urlacher acted as a “middleman” for the unlawful scheme. Urlacher allegedly recruited bettors, organized their wagers and collected/delivered payments. In exchange, Urlacher allegedly received a cut of the losses of the bets he arranged. The Department of Justice alleges that Urlacher did all this while acting as mayor of Mettawa, IL.

On the claims, Urlacher has not yet been charged. He might receive a statement that is comparable to what another participant of the ring is currently receiving if he were to plead guilty or be found innocent. In an IL federal court on July 2, Eugene & ldquo, Geno, and DelGiudice acknowledged his involvement in the ring. He performed a position resembling the one Urlacher is alleged to possess played for three decades, collecting payments and disbursing profits.

The ring was allegedly led by DelGiudice & rsquo’s son Vincent, according to the DOJ. Despite Eugene DelGiudice’s refusal to reject any of the charges leveled against his son, this was insufficient evidence to convict him.

The senior DelGiudice could spend up to five years behind bars. Urlacher may receive the same highest punishment if found guilty. It’s also conceivable that Urlacher could reach a plea deal with the prosecution, exchanging his evidence against the younger DelGiudice in exchange for less severe punishment.

Regardless of whether that occurs, Urlacher & rsquo’s tale might serve as a warning to Illinois residents. Improper betting is a dangerous and expensive industry.

The drawbacks of improper sports betting

Improper sports betting is bad for Illinoisans, even if law enforcement not intervenes to stop illegal gambling activities like the DelGiudice ring. That also applies to seaward websites and improper bookmakers.

Choosing a legal sportsbook affords customers a better level of protection. If a dispute arises that the operator’s customer service can’t resolve, bettors can seek assistance from the Illinois Gaming Board.

Certification guarantees that bettors will get their rewards in a timely manner. Nothing can prevent a playing service that engages in illegal activity from holding onto your winnings for several months, if not longer.

Another benefit of registered books is that even those in Illinois who never bet a penny benefit from their existence. Tax revenue from legal wagers covers the cost of pensions and other public services.

The assistance legal gaming offers to people with compulsive gambling problems is probably its biggest advantage. Such people are only the targets of unlawful functions.

There are above-board options for sports wager in Illinois thanks to the legalization of both online and physical casinos. Utilizing unauthorized channels, such as the DelGiudice circle, is simply not worth the risk.

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