Sports Betting At Soldier Field? Report Says Chicago Park District Rejected Idea

Written By Joe Boozell on September 20, 2021
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The Chicago Bears and the Chicago Park District( CPD ) are at odds over sports betting at Soldier Field, according to emails obtained by WBEZ.

Soldier Field is owned by the garden city.

According to the emails, Ted Phillips, the president of the Bears and CEO, wanted to establish a & ldquo, or sports betting lounge, at the venue. However, his idea did not take off.

While the lounge would not have been an actual Illinois sportsbook; however, the vision was to have ambassadors working to help people bet online. Multiple TVs streaming live NFL games on Sundays would create a “sportsbook feel.”

At the time of the game, it appeared that the NFL had outlawed in-field casinos, but the Arizona Cardinals have since reached a deal to do so.

The Bears, according to Phillips’ emails, were interested because of the potential advertising revenue. And Phillips offered the CPD a 20% cut.

However, Michael Kelly, the CPD director, responded to the ball by saying:

& ldquo, pursuing the opportunities listed in your letter at this time would not be productive. My staff is also developing a thorough plan for the plaza and open area next to Soldier Field’s northernmost point. As the project progresses, we will undoubtedly take into account your ideas and opinions at the correct day. & rdquo,

Phillips retaliated by blaming the CPD for not participating in discussions, writing, and good faith & rdquo:

& ldquo, It is disappointing that it has been more than a year since we last spoke with you and that you have declined to have honest discussions about an opportunity that would bring in money for the CPD while promoting the Chicago Bears name. & rdquo,

Just two weeks after writing that email, the Bears announced they had submitted an offer to buy Arlington International Racecourse.

Bears claim that the Arlington Park present is related.

According to a Bears voice, the quest in Arlington Park is completely unrelated to the sports betting controversy.

However, the Bears have feuded with the CPD for a long time. Structural improvements and leases are typically the topics of frustration, and the team has threatened to leave before.

It’s fair to wonder whether or not the history of conflict came to a head over the summer, even though the CPD & rsquo, s sports betting resistance may not be the main reason why the team is looking to move.

And it’s looking like the Bears are a serious contender to land at Arlington Park.

Former Arlington International Racecourse president Roy Arnold claimed that although his team paid$ 120 million for the track andmdash, Churchill Downs won’t sell the property to someone looking to maintain horse race or casino gambling.

The Bears fit that description. Even if they are Churchill Downs & rsquo, choice, and end up providing retail sports betting, that’s still a long way from being competitive, racino. & rdquo,

Right now, there aren’t any retail sportsbooks at Chicago stadiums. That’s despite the Sports Wagering Act allowing Illinois sporting venues to have sportsbooks.

Groups from Chicago are lobbying to bring the town on board because of this.

You Daley facilitate the establishment of sportsbooks in Chicago stadiums?

John R. Daley, a child of The White Sox is lobbying the Chicago City Council to help sports wager at venues on behalf of Cook County Commissioner John Daley and a brother of former Mayor Richard M. daley.

According The Chicago Sun-Times also favors the Bears, Cub, Blackhawks & nbsp, and Bulls.

The White Sox responded in a speech when asked why Daley had been hired:

& ldquo, John is intelligent, experienced, and well-respected in his field. In this particular instance, all of the groups, their professionals, and their activists have been cooperating to pass this one legislation. It is desired by the government. Both the Legislature and the governor support it. We also think that the majority of the town committee agrees.

Alderman Walter Burnett (27th)introduced an ordinance in July that would lift the sports betting ban in Chicago.

According to his request, the town would charge$ 50, 000 $ & nbsp for a passport and$ 25, 000 for an annual renewal. In addition to Illinois Gaming Board charges, that.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, said at the moment:

& ldquo, Sports( betting ) is the law of our state, to start. The General Assembly approved that in 2019. I agree with that rule. No, I don’t think it will undermine our efforts to build a future casino, and we’re going to make sure that it does, t. & rdquo,

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