Show Me The Bidders: Chicago Casino Submissions Deadline Is Friday

Written By Joe Boozell on October 26, 2021Last Updated on December 8, 2021
chicago casino update

The Request For Proposal( RFP ) deadline for Chicago casinos was extended by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in August by about two months. Friday, October 29, is the new date, and Hard Rock appears to have paid off the improvement.

Lightfoot extended the date mainly because of the operators’ lack of interest.

She said in August:

“By pushing back the deadline for potential bidders, the city will be able to collect as many robust, impactful, and innovative proposals as possible. I’m excited to see these bids and look forward to working closely with the team that is ultimately chosen to establish Chicago’s first-ever casino.”

The project will be passed on by Caesars Entertainment, MGM International, and Wynn Resorts, all of whom have stated as such.

However, Hard Rock CEO Jim Allen announced on Tuesday that his company is gearing up to place a bid on the Chicago casino.

chicago casino update

The significance of that & rsquo lies in the fact that Hard Rock had previously concealed its plans. Moreover, it’s probable that the RFP will garner multiple responses.

Going into Friday, here’s additional information we have about the RFP bidding process for the Chicago casino.

Rush Street is regarded as the preferred location for property licenses.

Rush Street Gaming has long been the first company to obtain a game passport in Chicago.

During the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) conference in July, Lightfoot tried to dispel the rumors that the decision had already been made, stating:

I’ve been informed that a short conversation about this has already taken place. The Request for Proposals (RFP) is now accessible. It’s noted that there aren’t any friends from home. For those nationwide who appreciate the value of residing in a city like Chicago, we aim to secure only the best options available.

The headquarters of Rush Street are located in Chicago. They also hold part-ownership in Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, which is presently the most frequented casino in Illinois.

Before Rush Street became the sole bid, there were concerns that it could lead to political problems for Lightfoot.

The band’s mother is Leslie Bluhm, who is the co-founder of Rush Street and one of the major political donors of Lightfoot & rsquo.

Brian Hopkins, Alderman of the 2nd ward, told Crain’s Chicago Business:

“I think there would be significant opposition if the mayor consented to a contract that essentially grants exclusive rights for something so crucial.”

That’s where Hard Rock enters the picture.

Jim Allen, the chairman of Hard Rock, recently stated that the company is “reevaluating the opportunity”. He expanded on this on Tuesday, announcing that Hard Rock intends to submit casino bids for Chicago and New York City.

Prior to media exposure, it seemed that the government might need to correct the 40% effective tax rate of the Chicago casino.

According to Tom Swoik, the executive director of the Illinois Casino Gaming Association, that might be the case.

He toldPlay Illinois in August:

“I believe there will be another attempt to change Chicago’s tax structure in the upcoming session.”

The disclosure from Hard Rock may render that unnecessary.

More recent game news in Illinois

While the process for the Chicago casino is drawn out, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) is making progress in two other areas.

Currently, there are two remaining bids each for the south suburban and Waukegan licenses. The IGB reduced the south suburban list from four to two last week.

This week, applicants from the southern suburbs will get a chance to showcase their proposals to the board. By early January, the IGB might place final bids for each location and give a preliminary “suitability andrdquo” determination.

The last step before final approval is obtaining eligibility.

Consequently, there would be no specific plans for the final untouched casino areas, Danville and Chicago. The IGB has already determined the successful applications for permissions in Rockford and Williamson County.

Hard Rock, owned by a man from Rockford, is expanding its presence in Illinois. Moreover, if it implements its Chicago strategy, it appears that Hard Rock could be fully committing to the Land of Lincoln.

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