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Written By Joe Boozell on November 23, 2021Last Updated on December 8, 2021
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The Chicago casino project Request For Proposals deadline was at the end of October, and the city received five bids.

Two proposals, each by Bally & rsquo, Rush Street Gaming, and Hard Rock, are involved. And as we & rsquo recently discovered, all five proposals require investments totaling well over$ 1 billion.

On Dec. 16, the city is planning a meeting where bidders can present their plans to the public. From there, Chicago will choose a winner and apply for a license with the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB).

The town hopes to choose a champion in the first quarter of 2022, according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Let & rsquo, let’s examine the specifics of each of the five bids.

Chicago Rivers McCormick

City of Chicago is the cause.

One of the requests for Rush Street Gaming is this one. The game may be situated at the Lakeside Center at McCormick Place, and the plan would cost$ 1.3 billion.

Soldier Field is close to McCormick Place. The game may have 12 restaurants and cafes, 2,600 slot machines, and 190 board game.

According to developers, a momentary game wouldn’t be required for this location because rebuilding the Lakeside Center may require less time than doing it from scratch. Additionally, there are currently more than 2,900 motel suites available, and more could be added.

Additionally, the proposition calls for updating the Arie Crown Theater. This was, however, be contentious because some members of the convention industry might be against the casino.

The least expensive of the five proposals, it would only get a time to finish.

Rivers 78

City of Chicago is the cause.

Another proposal from Rush Street & rsquo calls for a casino to be built between Chinatown and the South Loop in the megadevelopment site known as & lzquo. Along the Chicago River, it would be situated.

The entertainment district would have 2, 600 slot machines and 190 table games for a price tag of$ 1.6 billion. A 300-room resort would also be present, along with bars, eateries, a food hall, an observation castle, and the river square.

In contrast to the various Rush Street plan, this plan would include a temporary casino. It may take place at a steamboat that was docked at The 78 webpage.

The site is described as the “most accessible” of the five, per the Chicago Sun-Times.

Bally & rsquo, a publishing house of the Chicago Tribune

City of Chicago is the cause.

This plan, also referred to as the current Freedom Center site, is up to$ 1. 7 billion in price. In the close-north area, the game would also be located along the Chicago River close to Halsted and Ohio roads.

3,400 slot machines, 173 board games, and a 500-room hotel would all be present in the hospital. Additionally, there would be a 3, 000-seat, 70 000 square feet entertainment area.

Designers also mention a balcony area with pools, cafes, and bars. A Chicago sports museum would be included in the Bally Sports Bar, which would also have regular celebrity athlete events and a really immersive sports experience.

Bally & rsquo also claims that it has no other Chicago-related interests in its plan, which is ostensibly a nod to the region’s history of Rush Street Gaming. Additionally, Bally & rsquo would like to install slot machines at the airports in Hare and Midway for both bids.

McCormick Place, Bally & rsquo

originating in the City of Chicago

Although the center would be at the present Truck Marshaling Yard, a 28-acre area for freight trucks, this plan location is similar to the Rivers bet.

Up to$ 1.6 billion would be spent on this strategy. Given that both the casino and the other plan may offer the same amount of slots and table games, their numbers are pretty similar. Additionally, it would have a similar-sized pleasure area.

Local Ald. Sophia King (4th) adamantly opposes this plan, as she believes the casino would negatively impact life in her community.

One Central Hard Rock

originating in the City of Chicago

Due to its location at the proposed One Central development, Hard Rock & rsquo’s bid is trickier than the others.

But, After Central has not been approved by the city or the state. State funding for the huge growth would cost$ 6.5 billion, which would seem to be a significant barrier for Hard Rock. especially considering Chicago’s desire to quickly select a win.

In any case, One Central would be situated at a 35-acre train yard close to Soldier Field, and that & rsquo, would also be the location of the casino. The asking price is$ 1.7 billion.

The proposed location of one of the Rush Street Gaming bids is McCormick Place & rsquo, s Lakeside Center, where the temporary casino would be located.

A 500-room hotel and 3,400 slot machines would be available at Hard Rock & rsquo’s casino. Additionally, there would be a health club, pubs, restaurants, and an entertainment area.

Submitted by the City of Chicago
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