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Written By Joe Boozell on April 5, 2022Last Updated on April 20, 2022
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Note from Editor & rsquo: This article has been updated to include links to live streams of the Chicago Community Engagement meeting.

There will be three community meetings this week to discuss each proposed Chicago casino location.

To enroll, you may register online. The Chicago game appointment schedule for the week is as follows:

Chicago appointment of Hard Rock

Bally & rsquo, a meeting in Chicago

Rivers 78 coming together

It is also possible to watch the meetings online at You don’t need to preregister to watch the live stream.

As one might expect, community people have criticized all of the game ideas. For instance, the River North Residents Association( RNRA) wrote a letter to aldermen Burnett, Reilly, and Hopkins opposing the Bally & rsquo casino.

Ald. The Rivers 78 plan is also opposed by Byron Sigcho-Locho. While these games might be beneficial to the city of Chicago overall, they might present difficulties for locals in those areas.

People will have the chance to express their opposition to the casinos andmdash at these gatherings, or to help them if that is their location.

The most recent game reports in Chicago

There were previously five Chicago casino bids. The city recently chopped that list down to three, as Rivers Chicago McCormick and Bally’s McCormick Place are no longer in the running.

The McCormick Place convention center intricate is owned by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, which did not want to convert any of its buildings into a game. Because of this, the city eventually chose not to proceed with the McCormick requests.

That concludes the three suggestions mentioned earlier. This year there will be community meetings, and the city hopes to choose the winner by the beginning of the summer.

The winning bidder and the city would then need to submit an application to the Illinois Gaming Board( IGB ) for a casino license. A Chicago game good won’t come to fruition for quite some time because the IGB approval process may take up to two years.

Why is there local opposition to the game ideas?

It’s understandable why residents of particular neighborhoods may object to a sizable gaming hub thus close to their homes, even though Chicagoans may normally support the construction of casinos in the city.

Here is an excerpt from the letter from the RNRA:

& ldquo, The additional strain on the existing infrastructure, noise, bright lighting, traffic congestion, and the likely negative impact on local property values are all completely unreasonable burdens to place on nearby residential communities. & rdquo,

The enemy to the other ideas is comparable.

The area, at least may pick one of the three offers. It & rsquo is all about avoiding the grenade for many local Chicagoans.

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