Missed Deadline Threatens To Delay New Chicago Casino

Written By Derek Helling on July 24, 2019Last Updated on November 9, 2021
Chicago casino already missing deadlines

There is little doubt that the Illinois Legislature is violent in its efforts to open a new casino in Chicago. The likelihood of it happening is falling behind because of how enthusiastic its calendar is.

The Illinois Legislature set a date, and the state company in charge of regulating betting has already missed it. Because of this, it is uncertain whether a new gambling establishment will be able to start quickly in the state’s most popular area.

What date for the brand-new game in Chicago was missed?

In the same gambling expansion law that legalized Illinois sports betting, the state authorized a mega-casino in the Chicago area. The Legislature set up a timetable for the expansion to unfurl.

The choice of a company to carry out the viability investigation was one of the tasks on that plan. Additionally, they demanded that a company be hired by the Illinois Gaming Board to handle it.

The study did assist in deciding where to build the new blackjack and whether or not a private investor may be involved in its development.

The deadline to hire a firm was July 8 and yet the board hasn’t chosen a firm yet. A board representative relayed the status of the search in a WTTW article.

The IGB ( Illinois Gaming Board ) and nbsp, & ldquo, is constrained by the law and the procurement code. We are completing the necessary steps to carry out this authority. & rdquo,

factors contributing to the delay in business choice

The panel submitted a bid, but deciding isn’t as easy as hiring an architect to restore the bathroom. The chosen company may bounce a few hurdles.

Contending companies must demonstrate that they have previously completed for reports. Additionally, they must publish any connections they may have with casinos.

Finally, they must disclose any previous interactions with anyone or anything connected to the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois governments.

Labor can start if any of the companies overcome those obstacles and are prepared to finish the study for the table bid. But, the late stop presents difficulties for any company.

Potential timelines for Chicago casinos uncertain

The study must be completed by August 12 according to the Legislature & rsquo’s timeline. A completed study by that time seems unlikely at this point.

Within 90 days of receiving the finished investigation, the committee is required to make some significant choices. Midway through November, according to the original timeframe.

Quick 2020 appears more feasible given the current state of affairs. The committee will then be required to inform the Legislature of the study’s findings.

The table will also offer suggestions on issues like where to put the game and whether to work with a personal developer.

The committee andrsquo’s ability to produce the desired comments in a timely manner may be complicated by another problem.

Understaffed Illinois Gaming Board

Making these crucial choices for the state is now a novel responsibility, and the day is not right.

Don Tracy, the chairman of the board, resigned next month, leaving two open positions. The load increases when only three of the five recommended users are available.

It will also take some time to fill those opportunities. State rules placed the responsibility for votes on Governor J. B. Pritzker Those nominees are approved or rejected by the state Senate.

The Legislature & rsquo’s timeline for the expansion of gambling appears to have been overly optimistic so far. There is little doubt that six innovative casinos, including the sizable Chicago service, will start in the future. It’s only a matter of when, it & rsquo.

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