Missed Deadline Threatens To Delay New Chicago Casino

Written By Derek Helling on July 24, 2019Last Updated on November 9, 2021
Chicago casino already missing deadlines

There is little doubt that the Illinois Legislature is violent in its efforts to open a new casino in Chicago. The likelihood of it happening is falling behind because of how enthusiastic its calendar is.

The Illinois Legislature established a deadline that has already been missed by the state company responsible for overseeing betting. This has led to uncertainty regarding the swift commencement of a new gambling facility in the state’s most popular region.

What date for the brand-new game in Chicago was missed?

The same law that legalized sports betting in Illinois also authorized the establishment of a mega-casino in the Chicago area, as part of a gambling expansion. The state legislature established a timetable for the rollout of this expansion.

Selecting a company to conduct the viability investigation was a task on the plan. The Illinois Gaming Board was also required to hire a company to manage this task.

The study helped determine the location for the new blackjack and if a private investor might participate in its development.

Despite the hiring deadline of July 8 having passed, the board still hasn’t selected a firm. The ongoing status of the search was communicated by a board representative in a WTTW article.

“The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) is legally bound by the law and the procurement code. We are in the process of completing the necessary steps to exercise this authority.”

factors contributing to the delay in business choice

The panel put forth a proposal, but the decision-making process is not as straightforward as employing an architect to refurbish the bathroom. The selected company may face several challenges.

Companies in competition must show proof of previously completed reports. Furthermore, they are required to disclose any relationships they may have with casinos.

Lastly, they are required to reveal any past engagements with any person or entity associated with the governments of the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois.

Work can begin if any of the businesses manage to overcome the given hurdles and are ready to complete the table bid study. However, the delayed halt poses challenges for any company.

Potential timelines for Chicago casinos uncertain

According to the timeline set by the Legislature, the study must be completed by August 12. However, it seems unlikely at this point that the study will be completed by that date.

The committee is obliged to make some significant decisions within 90 days of receiving the completed investigation, according to the original timeframe set for mid-November.

Given the current situation, Quick 2020 seems more achievable. Subsequently, the committee is obligated to report the study’s results to the Legislature.

Additionally, the table will provide recommendations concerning matters such as game placement and the potential need for a personal developer.

Another issue might complicate the committee’s ability to produce the desired comments on time.

Understaffed Illinois Gaming Board

The responsibility of making these vital decisions for the state is now a new task, and the timing is not appropriate.

Next month, Don Tracy, the chairman of the board, will resign, creating two vacant positions. The workload intensifies when only three out of the suggested five users are available.

Filling those opportunities will also require some time. The responsibility for votes was assigned to Governor J. B. Pritzker by state rules. The state Senate either approves or rejects those nominees.

The timeline set by the Legislature for the expansion of gambling seems to have been too optimistic so far. It is almost certain that six new, innovative casinos, including a significant service in Chicago, will open in the future. The only question is when.

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