Golden Nugget Vs. Hard Rock: Danville Hopes To Beat Terre Haute To Casino Launch

Written By Joe Boozell on December 8, 2020Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Danville has once again submitted its casino application to the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) to host one of the new casinos in Illinois. Now, the waiting game begins.

City leaders are hoping the hold isn’t excessively long. However, there isn’t much reason to be optimistic given how the IGB has handled various casino applications.

Danville has an additional opportunity to launch a game as soon as possible. In Terre Haute, Indiana, which is about an hours north of Danville, there will be a game that is in competition.

The Terre Haute project isn’t moving as fast as expected either, as it got caught up in the Spectacle Entertainment investigation. But it still looks to be well ahead of Danville.

Terre Haute already has an approved license, and construction is set to begin soon.

When is Danville going to get to that level? It might be somewhat.

So far, the game programs in Danville have been a mess.

Haven Gaming originally submitted Danville’s casino application. The application didn’t include sufficient information nor complied with state statutes, according to the IGB.

Haven later decided against making a charge in July. Alderman Mike Puhr claimed that the city effectively had & ldquo, wool pulled over its eyes, which forced local authorities to start from scratch. & rdquo,

The Wilmot home held the majority interest in Danville Development‘s decision to lead the game programs in August.

But the big news came in November. That’s when Golden Nuggetstruck an agreement with Danville Development to secure Illinois market access, and a Danville casino will have Golden Nugget branding once it opens.

In contrast, the Terre Haute game will be branded with Hard Rock.

The IGB today has a clearer idea of what he can expect from the Danville game thanks to Golden Nugget. However, the committee hasn’t responded immediately to such programs in the past.

A game person is supposed to be given a year by the IGB to decide whether to accept or reject them. Eight candidates had to submit their proposals by the end of October, which was the one-year date.

However, there is also language in the Illinois Gambling Act allowing the IGB to delay a decision with a written notice.

So, eight applicants had to amend their proposals, and they still don’t know what’s going to happen with the applications they first submitted in October 2019.

Every case is unique, but there’s reason to think Danville won’t make a decision for another year. if not sooner.

In other words, Terre Haute probably has at least a year’s worth of mind begin on Danville if the IGB doesn’t approve his implementation much sooner than anticipated.

The casino in Terre Haute is much bigger than the one in Danville & rsquo.

Danville & rsquo’s revised proposal isn’t nearly as ambitious as the first one.

500 slot machines, 10 gaming tables, and a Landry & rsquo, s Steakhouse are included. Just north of Lynch Road, that is where it may be.

In the meantime, there will be 300 seats for amusement at the Terre Haute, Rocksino, andrdquo, as well as 1,200 games positions. Additionally, it may interact to a nearby resort.

The initial Danville plan also included a hotel and place for entertainment.

Gambling in Illinois are now closed as a result of COVID-19.

The following areas— Danville, Chicago, Rockford, Williamson County, Waukegan, and the south suburbs — were permitted to see the construction of six new casinos under the Illinois Gambling Act.

In addition to the 10 casinos already operating in Illinois, That & rsquo.

However, all the casinos are closed due to the COVID-19 spike in the Land of Lincoln. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker made the decision to shut them down on Nov. 17.

The state is anticipating more cases and illnesses in the midst of Thanksgiving, so it is unknown when those casinos may reopen.

Casinos in Illinois have had to shut twice this year.

Danville and another potential spots are currently not missing many. However, the rush does get even more annoying once things return to normal.

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