Danville City Council OKs Casino Plans, Illinois Gaming Board Now On Deck

Written By Derek Helling on August 25, 2020Last Updated on March 10, 2022

One move closer to being a reality is one of six possible brand-new casino gaming establishments in PrairieState. A preliminary but important obstacle was just removed by a set of Danville game programs.

Danville City Council has approved the potential casino owner’s designs. The next, and more important, stage is getting the thumbs up from the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB).

What & rsquo, is in the casino plans for Danville?

Danville Development now has a tentative agreement with the city. The Wilmot family of Rochester, NY, holds the principal interest.

However, this isn’t the Wilmot’s first foray into the casino industry. About a year ago, the family sold its interest in del Lago Casino in NY. The family also owns the firm Wilmorite Construction.

Wilmorite will oversee the design of the proposed game at the original Morris Flamingo inventory on Eastgate Drive, as one might anticipate. The Wilmot family intends to spend about$ 100 million to open the facility as a whole.

The Wilmot family will receive only possession of the game and the 11.54 hectares the inventory now resides in return for their investment. The home intends to take care of the home themselves.

The costs include paying a$ 600,000 bill to fix the site’s drainage potential problems. Wilmorite informed the committee that it intends to start construction in the springtime and complete the initial phase by the end of the following year, subject to regulatory approval.

The first step will concentrate on the facility’s entertainment area. The strategies include:

    17, 000 square feet of gaming area

  • 570 parking areas
  • Cafe and food judge Steakhouse

The casino’s programs include 500 slot machines and 10 game tables. The plans call for growth once the developer has completed the initial stage of development.

The game floor would grow by an additional 15, 000 feet in phase two. The facility did become a full-service destination in the second phase, complete with hotels, convention spaces, and additional restaurants.

Surprisingly, the expansion & rsquo, s second phase, had no plans for a retail sportsbook, though. If the fresh game wants to compete in the market, it might be essential.

With a mind begin across the state line, contest

In May, the Indiana Gaming Commission and the City of Terra Haute, IN, gave approval to a new casino. The drive from Danville to Terra Haute is just over an hour.

According to the most recent estimates, the hospital will open in September 2021. If that occurs, the novel Danville game andrsquo may open at the same time.

The Wilmot community stated that it is conscious of the importance of maintaining business discuss across the state line. It also emphasized that development would be safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

All these plans are currently tentative, however. The Wilmots will now need to convince a perhaps more skeptical body, the IGB. That state agency has already denied one set of Danville casino plans.

The IGB slammed Haven Gaming & rsquo earlier this year, claiming that neither its submission nor compliance with the rules included enough information. state statutes. Haven withdrew its application last month.

In order to succeed where Haven failed, the Wilmot home seems to be relying on its prior casino experience. If that doesn’t happen and there are more delays in building a future Danville game, that might put the future casino behind the new blackjack in Terra Haute.

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