Illinois Sports Bettors Won’t Miss The On-Site Registration Requirement

Written By Derek Helling on August 27, 2020

This is a first-person account of the on-site sports betting registration requirement in Illinois, Editor & rsquo, s Note. Gov. Since then, JB Pritzker has put the administrative purchase on hold through September 19.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker has been fickle with registration for online sports betting over the past few months.

Regarding the on-site registration at DraftKings at Casino Queen, which isn’t currently required, it & rsquo is an experience that many people should be happy to avoid.

DraftKings had made every effort to make the practice quick and painless, but that was really a problem. The ease and speed of the operation made you wonder if it was worth your time after driving for hours to get to the casino.

A first-hand accounts of the on-site subscription for DraftKings

Pulling into the parking lot at Casino Queen in East St. Louis, multiple signs notify you of how to register for DraftKingsSportsbook without leaving your vehicle.

The recommended course of action is:

    Connect to Bluetooth on your system by turning it on.

  • On your unit, switch on WiFi.
  • The DraftKings Sportsbook application should be downloaded.

I pulled into three different spots in the parking lot for around a moment, but my phone was unable to find any WiFi networking connections. I nonetheless used my files to download the app.

It took about 4 hours to download the app. I was asked to help locationservices on my system when I opened the DraftKings app. But I did.

I opened the app and logged in using the credentials I already had with DraftKings for daily fantasy sports( DFS ).

That took an additional 4 hours.

The software then asked me to confirm that I met position laws, such as the minimum age requirement, and that there were no other restrictions on my ability to gamble in Illinois. I made the proper taps.

Another 10 minute or so passed after that.

I was prepared to make a payment and then place bets at that point. Thus, to sum up, the procedure and the amount of time it took me to finish it were:

  • attempting to pick up the WiFi sign while driving around in vain: 60 minute
  • 4 hours are needed to download the app.
  • Setting up site services: 1 minute
  • Using my current account to log in takes 4 hours.
  • Additional confirmations: 10 hours
  • full: 1: 19

I rarely interacted with anyone or entered the game during the registration procedure. I wasn’t alone in the parking lot, though, sometimes.

discussing his encounter with another voter

Around 12:30 p.m. CST that Wednesday, there were eight additional occupied vehicles in the parking lot. While the other two were registered in Illinois, six of them had registration plates from Missouri.

Reggie, 42, a Florissant, Missouri resident, had also made the effort to sign up for an online casino. He discovered the day before that he may file online without getting out of his vehicle.

He claimed that it took him around 30 minutes to travel. He claimed, like me, that his Samsung phone was unable to find an open WiFi network; often, he had no trouble signing up.

Reggie claimed that he didn’t already had a DraftKings account. & nbsp, He calculated that it took him about a minute to sign up for the sports betting app.

Reggie stated that he intends to make this journey again because his home is close to the state line.

I like that it’s all legal, & ldquo. I am aware of some men who were duped by a bookmaker. Yes, driving a half-hour each method isn’t the most convenient option, but I can still get some barbeque while I’m over here. I really wanted to make sure that, if sport starts, I’m ready to go before it even begins. & rdquo,

57-year-old Clark was even signing up from the parking lot. The Pekin native reported both positive and negative things about the practice, but he was unable to find a WiFi signal.

It’s wonderful that I don’t have to go to the game to do it, Andldquo. They’re probably doing their best in it, but to me, it’s just not worth the risk given the virus. & rdquo,

Andrew finally announced that he was traveling for business to St. Louis, Missouri. He made the decision to sign up for DraftKings virtual casino because he was in the area.

Why in-person membership results in a net loss

If he had to actually input the casino, Andrew reaffirmed that it was unlikely that the man would have set up an online sports betting account. He claims that traveling from his home to St. Louis takes him on 2.5 hours.

Andrew was fairly certain in his response when asked if he would have traveled so far just to finish his subscription:

Heck, & ldquo, no.

I’m not going to spend two hours in a game parking lot after driving for five hours. I’m not a great gambler, but that’s mad, in my opinion. That I have to travel here to do anything I can do at home doesn’t really make sense. & rdquo,

Illinois Sports Bettors Won’t Miss The On-Site Registration Requirement 2

For almost the next month, however, Illinoisans won’t have to worry about that. Pritzker has again suspended the state’s in-person registration requirement, this time through at least Sept. 19.

Illinoisans may take advantage of this opportunity because there is no way of knowing whether Pritzker may permit his expulsion to expire on September 20 or not. The only option for sports punters in Illinois may be on-site register if and when Pritzker lets his most recent get disappear once more.

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