Do I Stay Or Do I Go Now? Existing Illinois Bettors Won’t Have To Visit Casino To Keep Accounts

Written By Joe Boozell on September 14, 2020

On Saturday, September 19, there is a possibility that the Illinois online betting registration process may expire and the in-person registration requirement may resume.

But, you won’t need to travel to the game after Saturday if you already have an online sports betting accounts with an Illinois casino.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to register with as many online casinos as you can before September 19.

Right now, there are four sportsbooks in Illinois:

Therefore, if you haven’t signed up at one of these sportsbooks by September 19, depending on Governor, you might need to go to a game. Decision made by JB Pritzker & lsquo later this week.

Here are the Illinois website casinos and the physical address where you would need to register if Pritzker decides to reinstate in-person subscription:

    Rivers Casino, 3000 Sulfur. River Road, Des Plaines, BetRiversSportsbook

  • Draft Kings: DraftKings at Casino Queen, located at 200 Front Street in East St. Louis.
  • FanDuel: Par-A-Dice Casino, East Peoria, 21 Blackjack Blvd.
  • PointsBet: Cicero’s Hawthorne Race Course, 3501 Mho. Laramie Ave.

You don’t need to do anything if you & rsquo have already registered for these programs. You’re going to need to sign up right away if you haven’t but would like to, unless you’d like to go to a casino.

Illinois has good promotions

In the early stages of Illinois sports betting, casino operators are providing a ton of good deals. Let’s use Week 1 of the NFL time as an illustration, shall we?

With its CrowdBoost development, PointsBet finally offered Bears + 100 versus the Lions.

You could wager on the Rams + 39 against the Cowboys using FanDuel & rsquo’s Spread the Love promotion.

Finally, DraftKings offered new depositors the opportunity to wager$ 1 on any NFL team to win$ 100 on Sunday’s moneyline. That included the Ravens, who defeated the Browns and had the most spread out of all the groups.

Illinois online bookmakers want to get as many individuals to file as soon as possible because they are aware that in-person registration may soon return.

Illinois membership history flip-flopping

The Illinois game bill, which included in-person registration, was signed into law by Pritzker last year.

In June, he suspended the in-person registration requirement because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, in late July, he let the executive order expire, and online registration was no longer allowed.

at least for a few months.

Because on Aug. 21, Pritzker lifted the in-person registration requirement once again until at least Sept. 19.

The most recent turnaround allowed DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet to introduce their mobile sports betting items after BetRivers launched its online casino in June.

Illinois’ COVID-19 situation hasn’t gotten better since late August, but we will see what happens on or before Sept. 19.

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