First Man Sentenced In Sports Gambling Scheme Involving Casey Urlacher

Written By Joe Boozell on October 22, 2020Last Updated on March 9, 2021

DelGiudice, 85, has been given a year of probation and three months of home detention for his involvement in an illegal gambling scheme. He is also known as Eugene & nbsp, & ldquo, Geno & rDquo.

It & rsquo is the same plan that is said to have included Casey Urlacher, the brother of legendary Chicago Bears player Brian Urlecher. Vincent, the son of DelGiudice & rsquo, was in charge of the operation.

The senior DelGiudice admitted to acting as a runner & rdquo for the gambling ring. Large sums of money were allegedly collected from him, delivered, and paid for his service.

“I know what I did was wrong and I’m sorry,” he said in the video conference hearing. “I don’t have an excuse, so I ain’t gonna make any.”

The sentence is lighter than previously expected. Prosecutors asked US District Judge Virginia Kendall to give DelGiudice a sentence of home detention and probation because he has lived a “largely law-abiding life.”

They also pointed out that he & rsquo, who is elderly and in poor health, runs a very high risk of dying or becoming ill if they catch COVID-19.

The defense lawyer for DelGiudice & rsquo added that his client was & ldquo, unable to use a computer, and unaware of the scheme’s mechanics. On behalf of DelGiudice & rsquo, supporters sent dozens of character letters to the court.

DelGiudice acknowledged that he enjoyed the responsibility of acting as a tool for the ring’s younger users.

One of the most terrifying aspects of getting older, he said, is not feeling important. I miss that, & ldquo. & rdquo,

Casey Urlacher’s reaction to it

DelGiudice was merely charged with the past, whereas Urlacher has been accused of conspiracy and operating an illegitimate gambling enterprise.

If found guilty of both matters, Urlacher could spend up to 10 years in prison. DelGiudice’s relatively light sentence would seem to be good news for Urlacher, even though he may have had extenuating circumstances( age, a smaller role in the scheme ).

DelGiudice could have spent up to five years in jail at the time he entered a guilty plea on July 2.

Urlacher reportedly hired punters while he was the mayor of Mettawa, Illinois, in exchange for a share of their loss.

He continues to serve as president today.

Vincent DelGiudice will enter a criminal plea.

According to court documents, Vincent DelGiudice, who is accused of leading the procedure, will enter a guilty plea the following week.

The younger DelGiudice allegedly paid & ldquo, unclemicksports, more than$ 10,000 per month to operate his website. Agents & rdquo searched his home in April 2019 and discovered nearly$ 1 million in cash, along with jewelry and various silver bars.

Feds are requesting an$ 8 million forfeiture. The betting circle was rumored to be a multimillion dollar company.

Why Illinois’ legitimate gambling is preferable

One victim claimed he felt threatened by one of the agents, and the activity specifically targeted trouble gamblers. In order to make up for his losses, the sufferer ended up stealing money from his company.

Legal gambling, meanwhile, has resources in place to encourage people to gamble responsibly. Legal operators will also never pressure or threaten people.

Assistant US Attorney Ankur Srivastava wrote,” Andldquo, That is just one gambler & rsquo’s story, and there are undoubtedly many more like it.” Eugene DelGiudice & ldquo, he continued, helped The criminal activity of preying on the gaming industry resulted in numerous patients, but it did not personally put pressure on gamblers.

Srivastava added that by continuing to wager with the band, many of the patients put their careers and marriages in jeopardy.

At the hearing, he said,” This is not a group of friends playing basketball or playing up.” Eugene DelGiudice’s house hold sentence should be six months rather than three, according to Srivastava.

Ten people have been charged in full for the program. Play Illinois did keep an eye on the situation as new decisions are made.

There are many safe and legal sports betting in Chicago and throughout the Prairie State.

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