License Denial Due To Shooting Incident Shouldn’t Delay Hard Rock Casino Progress

Written By Joe Boozell on May 11, 2021
hard rock casino rockford delay

Due to the proposed facility owner & rsquo’s 2020 arrest in connection with a shooting incident, the Illinois Gaming Board ( IGB ) denied Hard Rock Casino Rockford & requo, s temporary license in April.

Up until recently, the denial’s specifics were not in the public history.

Hard Rock & rsquo’s permanent and temporary casino plans, however, are still in place. The expense group partnering with Hard Rock, 815Entertainment, did buy the ability to advance the process.

The website is still the same.

The proposed location of the temporary Hard Rock Casino in Rockford is Giovanni & rsquo’s Restaurant and Convention Center.

User Joseph Castrogiovanni had neglected to promptly report the July shooting catch to the IGB.

Castrogiovanni didn’t report the apprehension to the IGB until September. According to IGB regulations, all prosecutions must be promptly reported.

He was detained by police for aggravated firearm discharge, or & ldquo. Castrogiovanni allegedly fired two shots into a car that was parked in the driveway of his private property, according to & rdquo. One of the guns made contact with the vehicle.

No one was hurt during the event. In October, Castogiovanni admitted guilt to & ldquo, or reckless conduct, and was given a one-year probationary period.

Michael Iasparro, Castrogiovanni’s attorney, said the incident “stemmed from a reasonable fear for his (Castrogiovanni) and his wife’s safety.”

According to IGB Administrator Marcus Fruchter, the denial was motivated by & ldquo, which would compromise the integrity of gaming and attempt to discredit state and Illinois gaming. & rdquo,

In response, Iasparro has asked for a reading with the table. He claimed that during Castrogiovanni & rsquo’s regulatory interview, he was & ldquo and questioned dozens of people about other Rockford residents, many of whom had names with Italian ancestry and had long since passed away.

Simply put, Mr. and Mrs. Castrogiovanni have no connection to or association with organized crime, whether it be European or no, according to Iasparro.

What does this mean for the game Hard Rock Rockford?

In February, the IGB deemed Hard Rock Casino Rockford “preliminarily suitable” for a permanent license.

But, Hard Rock is also awaiting the IGB’s final approval. And while this development appears to be bad news for the temporary service, the purchase of 815 Entertainment may make the matter irrelevant.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said that an ownership change won’t slow down the timeline at all.

We are aware that the temporary casino site’s current owners will be selling it to current investors, & ldquo. We don’t think that this possession change will cause the game process to move more slowly. & rdquo,

The ancient Clock Tower Resort will be replaced by the Rockford game, according to the plan. 1,200 permanent jobs and an additional 1, 000 during development would be created.

There are currently no various casinos in Illinois.

Six fresh game licenses were included in Illinois’ 2019 games expansion bill.

But as of now, zero licenses have been granted. And despite this hiccup for Hard Rock Rockford, it’s the furthest along in the process of any new applicant.

Six brand-new game certificates are available for purchase. They are located in the areas listed below:

  • Rockford
  • Waukegan
  • County of Williamson
  • Danville
  • South neighbourhoods
  • Chicago

IGB has not yet deemed any other applicant or candidate to be provisionally appropriate. Despite numerous applicants in October 2019, That & rsquo.

And Hard Rock Rockford must hope that this won’t slow down the authorization process even more for the sake of competition.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers and the Bureau of Indian Affairs recently gave final approval for a $405 million Beloit casino project, which is close to Rockford. The cities are about a half-hour drive apart.

In the long run, it might harm the Rockford game if the Beloit game opens before it.

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