Hard Rock Casino Rockford Found ‘Preliminary Suitable’ By IGB

Written By Joe Boozell on February 4, 2021
rockford casino IGB special meeting

The Hard Rock Casino Rockford project was deemed by the Illinois Gaming Board ( IGB ) on Thursday afternoon to be a crucial step toward adding an 11th casino in Illinois.

Guests were reminded by IGB Administrator Marcus Fruchter during the special session that while this is a preliminary stage, it does not guarantee certificate. & rdquo,

Hard Rock is now one step closer to obtaining an approval, even though it & rsquo is not a final one. It can now start building the game and placing gaming machine orders.

Last week, officials from Hard Rock and 815 Entertainmentpresented to the board.

Fruchter did elude to an unrelated investigation of one of the key players of Hard Rock. Fruchter stated that he encourages 815 Entertainment to be cooperative and quick in resolving questions from the IGB.

Dan Fischer, who is he?

The IGB is already looking into DanFischer, a crucial member of the development team.

Dotty & rsquo, a chain of slot machine parlors, is run by Fischer and is owned by Illinois Cafe & amp, Service Co. In what has been claimed in court as an & ldquo, sham deal, the company purchased a second set of parlors in 2018. & rdquo,

The Fischer investigation is still ongoing, and the IGB has not yet taken any disciplinary actions.

It could go either way, according to & ldquo, the gaming board & rsquo’s spokesman, JoeMiller, who made this statement prior to today & reg, special session. We don’t comment on any potential, current, or ongoing investigations, & ldquo. & rdquo,

What we know about the Hard Rock is Here & rsquo.

Rockford, the fifth-largest capital in Illinois, would be the location of the Hard Rock Casino.

About an hour and a half northwest of Chicago is It & rsquo.

The casino would feature64,000 feet of gaming space. It projects to generate more than 1,000 full- and part-time jobs once operational.

The plan also calls for a 1, 600-seat pleasure venue in addition to gaming space. If it is ultimately approved, Hard Rock also intends to run a makeshift game establishment.

I-90 and State Street are where the proposed location is located. Each time, an estimated 65, 000 cars pass by the location.

One of the most well-known casino chains in the world, Hard Rock International now has 11 casinos in addition to 29 hotels.

The plan also states that the casino will give the city of Rockford a minimal monthly repayment of$ 7 million.

Are there any additional games in Illinois?

The 2019 gaming expansion bill allows six new casinos to be built in Illinois in various regions. But it’s been a slow process ever since Gov. JB Pritzker signed the bill into law.

The majority of development teams submitted their initial applications in October 2019, but the board has already determined that this is the first new casino that & rsquo.

Rockford was one of the six areas that the game expanded. The additional ones are:

  • Chicago
  • County of Williamson
  • cities in the north
  • Waukegan
  • Danville

As of now, there are pending applications for the County of Williamson, Waukegan and south suburban licenses.

Marcus Fruchter, the superintendent of the IGB, says that by April, a primary suitability finding for these applicants may be available.

Here are the current aspirants for game licenses:

    Rivers Waukegan Casino & nbsp, CDI – RSG WaUKEgan, LLC( Waukegan License )

  • American Place & nbsp, Full House Resorts, Inc.( Waukegan License )
  • LLC Lakeside Casino d/b/a North Point Casino (Waukegan License)
  • Southland LIVE, LLC,( South Suburban License ), d / b / a, Live & nbsp
  • South Suburban Development, LLC & nbsp,( license to build a suburban )
  • ( Williamson County License ) Walker & rsquo, s Bluff Casino Resort, LLC & nbsp
  • South Suburban License: Wind Creek, LLC & nbsp

In contrast, none of these teams have progressed as far as Chicago and Danville.

The Chicago casino project is moving particularly slow. As of now, it still doesn’t have a location or an operator.

We know that Danville, on the other hand, will have Golden Nuggetbranding. But it still hasn’t submitted materials to the IGB, and we’ve seen how long the process takes even after applicants do so.

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