A Year Of Waiting: Decisions On 5 Illinois Casino Licenses Still In Limbo

Written By Joe Boozell on September 24, 2020Last Updated on November 9, 2020

Casinos in Danville, Waukegan, Rockford, Williamson County, and the southern suburbs were permitted by the 2019 Illinois entertainment expenses.

However, the Illinois Gaming Board ( IGB ) has not yet provided license applicants with a response. And they submitted their applications in October and January 2019.

According to the law, the IGB has a time to review and practice the applications; its decision-making deadline is October 28, 2020.

However, there is now concern that the IGB will be able to stretch that deadline.

Why it’s feasible for a pause past Oct. 28

The language in the Illinois Gaming Act gives the IGB some wiggle room.

IGB spokesman Gene O’Shea cited P.A. 101-31 to Play Illinois, which states:

The statute requires the IGB to provide the applicant with a written explanation outlining why it hasn’t decided and when it fairly expects to do so if it does not matter the licenses within that time frame.

Shea also gave the following information about the registration procedure for casinos:

The IGB only states that it is running, vetting, and looking into the new game applicant submissions when it comes to the pending applications. At a board meeting, decisions regarding the approval or denial of an owner & rsquo, licensee will be made.

On October 28, the panel will hold its next meeting, which is likely to be the most urgent topic on the agenda.

Some applicants to IL casinos might be the reason for the wait.

At the most recent board meeting on September 17, IGB Administrator Marcus Fruchter spoke briefly about the game registration procedure.

He noted that since last year, the committee andrsquo’s responsibilities have more than doubled, but he also addressed issues from the opposing perspective. According to Fruchter:

When applicants and current licensees fail to timely, complete answers, documents, disclosures, or responses to any other board requests, & ldquo, The staff & rsquo’s already significant work is made more difficult. The majority of statements are accurate and timely, but those who don’t do the work for everyone. & rdquo,

Fruchter continued by pointing out that everyone loses time and resources when they submit incomplete data because the IGB is a little state firm.

To that point, the IGB denied Haven Gaming’s Danville application earlier this year. HavenGaming withdrew its application in July, and the Wilmot family now holds principal interest.

An email from Southland

State Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, and Kristi DeLaurentiis, executive director of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, urged the IGB to speed up its process in August, according to a column in the Chicago Tribune.

DeLuca and DeLaurentiis wrote,” Andrdquo, We respectfully remind you that this southern residential license is long overdue. A determination delayed is a choice denied.”

DeLuca likewise believes it is possible for a considerable pause after Oct. 28.

They went on to say that COVID-19 cannot be used as a justification for silence. & ldquo, The deadline as specified in the statute is drawing near, and it is in your hands to determine the future of almost a million residents. & rdquo,

DeLuca and DeLaurentiis claimed that their areas are experiencing financial hardship. to COVID – 19. A casino may contribute to job growth and tax revenue.

They penned the letter prior to Fruchter & rsquo’s remarks at the board meeting. Fruchter may have responded by pointing out that the table has been working nonstop on a variety of problems throughout the pandemic.

Blackjack candidates in Illinois

Here’s a complete list of current Blackjack candidates in Illinois, per the IGB website:

    Rockford person 815 Enjoyment, LLC( Hard Rock Casino )

  • Waukegan is an applicant for CDI – RSG Waukegan, LLC( Rivers WAUKEgan Casino ).
  • Waukegan student Full House Resorts, Inc.
  • Waukegan candidate for Lakeside Casino LLC( North Point Casino )
  • Matteson is a candidate for South Suburban Development LLC.
  • Lynwood is a candidate for Southland Ho-Chunk Entertainment, LLC.
  • Calumet City applicant: Southland LIVE, LLC( Southlaand Live Casino ).
  • Williamson County applicant Walker & rsquo, s Bluff Casino Resort, LLC
  • Homewood / East Hazel Crest applicant Wind Creek IL LLC

The times until the next IGB conference on October 28 may be counted down by each game on that list.

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