Pritzker Tightens Coronavirus Restrictions For Illinois Casinos In St. Louis Metro

Written By Derek Helling on August 18, 2020Last Updated on March 23, 2021

Restrictions at some Illinois casinos have resurfaced in response to a recent increase in good COVID – 19 tests. There may be additional mitigation measures after the new procedures are implemented for the following two weeks.

In an effort to stop the coronavirus’s spread, several companies in the Metro East region, or Region 4, then have to deal with the further restrictions. Casinos in East St. Louis and Alton are included in this region.

Casino regulations in New Illinois for Region 4

Illinoisans should note that, at this time, these restrictions are only for the Metro East area. That region includes the following Illinois counties:

  • Bond
  • Clinton
  • Madison
  • Monroe
  • Randolph
  • Clair, St.
  • Washington

The new restrictions take effect today (Aug. 18). As of right now, they will expire in two weeks, but the situation remains fluid.

The restrictions were put in place by the Illinois Department of Public Health( IDPH ) and Illinois Governor. JB Pritzker because over the past three days, the & ldquo, rate of positivity, and number of positive tests( as opposed to the general population ) have exceeded 8 %.

When the optimism charge for 14 consecutive weeks is less than or equal to 6.5 %, the region will rest those limitations.

The following limitations apply to the Argosy Casino in Alton and the CasinoQueen in East St. Louis until next:

    Every day’s closing at 11 p.m.

  • The fire code’s 25 % getting power.
  • For domestic kitchen, reservations are necessary.
  • There can only be six persons at a table inside.
  • At least six feet had separate each table.
  • expulsion of barstools to deter crowding.
  • Noloitering, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

That & rsquo, as well as current regulations, such as the requirement for facemasks and temperature checks.

Prior to the state enacting these new restrictions, the Argosy and Casino Queen were free to operate at 50% capacity and maintain their regular hours.

But, Illinois games are not the only companies that these restrictions will have an impact on. For instance, group cars are prohibited from running at the moment.

If state-wide trends continue as they are, they won’t change rapidly. It’s possible that Region 4 is not alone.

Different regions of Illinois fumble with the same limitations.

The farthest southeast region of the state, Region 5, recorded a 7.3 % COVID – 19 positivity rate on August 14. Although Region 3 & rsquo’s most recent positivity rate was 6.2 %, it has been rising for three days in a row.

Since Region 3 is located just north of Region 4, it follows that similar restrictions are likely to apply to the two areas that border Region 4.

What Illinoisans can do to increase the numbers has been made evident by Pritzker and the IDPH. Director of the IDPH NgoziEzike stated:

& ldquo: As we foresaw when we started reopening Illinois, there have been more cases, emergency department visits, and other signs that the virus is spreading throughout the neighborhood. The first of the 11 areas to meet the rise criteria is Region 4, but we anticipate that it will be the final one. We hope to lessen the spread by putting more countermeasures in place, like reducing indoor capacity and limiting hours. aid stop an increase in cases, illnesses, and deaths in different parts of the state as well as the disease in the Metro East. & rdquo,

Ideally, the time of tighter restrictions won’t last very long. Casino patrons in Alton and East St. Louis will continue to be reminded of the pandemic’s continuous nature until then.

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