These 4 Illinois Casinos Could Reopen Friday

Written By Joe Boozell on January 12, 2021Last Updated on January 16, 2021
Illinois casinos to reopen

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Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, Illinois casinos have been closed since November, but a few are expected to restart as soon as Friday.

Governor of Illinois Last month, JB Pritzker tweeted the following:

The state is broken up into 11 health-care regions. Once a region graduates into Tier 2, its casinos can open at 25% capacity and close no later than 11 p.m., among other things.

The requirements for transferring from Tier 3 to Tier 2 are as follows:

    a 12 % or lower positivity rate for at least three times out of every seven days

  • 20 % or more of medical and ICU beds are available for at least three days in a row.
  • lower in hospitalizations for at least seven of the ten days prior

Four games in areas that satisfy the requirements

As of Monday, regions 2, 3, 6 and 7 met the criteria to move from Tier 3 to Tier 2, per NBC Chicagodata.

In one of those areas, there are four games in Illinois andrsquo. They are:

As of this writing, this is not the end. However, if the numbers are accurate, these four games ought to be allowed to resume on Friday.

A few more areas are nearby.

Additionally, there are games in areas 4, 5, 8, and 10.

The remaining games in Illinois, along with their particular regions, are listed below:

    DraftKings at Casino Queen ( Place 4 )

  • Metropolis ( Place 5. ) Harrah & rsquo
  • Aurora( Place 8 ) Hollywood Casino
  • Elgin Grand Victoria Casino ( Location 8 )
  • Alton Argosy Casino ( Place 4 )
  • Casino Rivers( Region 10 )

Each of those areas was in the following location as of Monday, January 12:

Place 4

    Positivity Rate: 11.9 % ( decreasing ).

  • Hospital Beds: 11.9 % ( reliable )
  • 19.1 %( steady ) ICU Beds
  • Admissions: Releasing for four nights in a row

As of now, Place 4 is significantly below the hospital bed threshold and slightly below the ICU bed threshold, though its positivity rate has dipped to acceptable levels.

Place 4 casinos are the furthest away from reopening.

Place 5.

    Positivity Rate: 9.9 % ( increasing )

  • 35.2 %( increasing ) hospital beds
  • 19.6 % ( increasing ) ICU Beds
  • Admissions: Declining over the past four days

Place 5. is barely below the ICU bed threshold, so it’s possible that it meets the criteria soon. With that said, it’s worth keeping an eye on the increasing positivity rate.

Location 8

    Positivity Rate: 10.4 % ( falling )

  • Hospital beds: 22.8 % ( increasing )
  • 23.2 % ( steady ) ICU Beds
  • Admissions: Nine out of the past ten weeks have decreased.

You might observe that Region 8 satisfies all of the requirements. Nonetheless, there has only ever been one time with more than 20 % of available hospital beds.

Region 8( the location of Hollywood Casino Aurora and Grand Victoria Casino Elgin ) should be able to resume if that persists for at least two more days.

Location 10 & nbsp,

    10 % ( decreasing ) Positivity Rate

  • Hospital beds: 18.8 % ( increasing )
  • 23.3 % ( increasing ) ICU Beds
  • Admissions: Declining over the past ten times

Region 10 falls just short of the necessary medical base percentage.

New terrible stretch for Illinois gambling

Though online sports betting is booming, Illinois casinos have endured two lengthy shutdowns since March due to the pandemic.

The first came in mid-March and lasted until July 1. Between July and November, most casinos were open at 50% capacity (Tier 1), though there were times when some could only operate at 25% capacity.

Pritzker shut down all games in the middle of November in an effort to stop the COVID – 19 unfold.

We might not be done with casino closures, despite it & rsquo’s assurances that some casinos will be able to reopen.

Even though the aforementioned areas now meet the requirements for reopening, it’s not as if they are above or below the necessary levels.

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