Chase Young Story Highlights Issue With Illinois Sports Betting Law

Written By Derek Helling on November 13, 2019Last Updated on March 9, 2022
Chase Young Situation Hints at Illinois Sports Betting Law Flaw

As Ohio State University defensive end Chase Young faces suspension by the NCAA, the details of the situation could signal a warning for the Illinois college sports betting law. One particular stipulation of the law signed on June 28, 2019 could create more problems than it solves.

Illinois forbids placing bets on contests featuring state college team. Even though it might have had a good purpose, the results could still be harmful.

Why is there a school sporting betting restrictions in Illinois?

To be clear, Illinois hasn’t banned all college sports betting. Any games that don’t involve in-state teams such as Northwestern University and the University of Illinois will be fair game for Illinois legal sportsbooks.

But that’s where the issue is. According to studies, & ldquo, or fandom, is what drives sports betting. & rdquo, For instance, the majority of the NFL action at Illinois sportsbooks will probably be on Bears game because most people in the state are likely to be Chicago animals enthusiasts.

The same is true of intercollegiate activities. The Fighting Illini and / or Wildcats will be of greatest interest to Illinois bettors because the majority of people in the Land of Lincoln are probably fans of those teams.

Residents and visitors to Illinois are likely to inquire as to why their neighborhood sportsbooks do not provide activity on those games. Interested bettors are unlikely to simply give up when they discover that it is because they aren & rsquo, t legally permitted to do so within the state.

Alternatively, those bettors frequently locate an onshore or bookmaker that accepts wagers on those events. In addition to costing the condition and casinos money, this could also put players at those universities in a dangerous situation.

Why is the deduction poor for college athletes in Illinois?

Illinois college games are played on the & ldquo, black market, and rhq, which has effects that are typical of black-market scenarios. That might lead to a circumstance that is somewhat similar to the one Young faces right then.

Young is facing a two-game suspension that has been reduced from four games due to borrowing money to cover his girlfriend & rsquo’s 2019 Rose Bowl travel expenses. While that has nothing to do with sports betting, another athletes’ situations that do could lead to related issues, including yet worse punishments.

In addition to the threat of match-fixing that outlawed betting entails, the black market may lead to a demand for insider knowledge. That might include the players’ current state of damage as well as other advice or information about future competitions.

The players on those groups are the best place to find out that information. The desire to buy such information may be great for some college athletes as the NCAA and its member institutions maintain their antiquated system of preventing athletes from receiving fair, reasonable compensation for their labor.

The fact that the probability even exists is a result of Illinois law, even though it may seem like an unlikely speculative. The very players politicians hope to guard may be spared unintended consequences with a change to that law.

What the state could do to prevent the entire circumstance

There is still time to resolve this problem before it becomes a concern because Illinois legal sports betting hasn’t already started. It & rsquo, a straightforward repeal of the legal provision that forbids placing bets on interstate college games.

Concerns about legal betting affecting the fairness of such competitions may really backfire. The restrictions might cause school athletes to lose their registration as well as get involved in criminal investigations.

This legal principle will, at best, result in lost revenue for Illinois & rsquo, sportsbooks, and the treasury. At worst, it might ruin the state’s college athletes’ profession.

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