Illinois Gaming Board Extends Casino, Video Gaming Suspension Through April 8

Written By JR Duren on March 30, 2020Last Updated on March 9, 2022
Illinois gaming casino closed open

The Illinois Gaming Board ( IGB ) declared what appeared to be inevitable in what quickly turned into another domino in a startling flurry of closings in the sports league and gaming industries.

“The Illinois Gaming Board has extended the suspension of all video gaming operations at all licensed establishments of any kind and all casino gambling operations in Illinois until at least April 8, 2020,” the IBG said in a press release. “The health and safety of patrons, gaming industry employees, Gaming Board staff, and all others in Illinois is the Gaming Board’s top priority.”

The IGB claimed that it was in accordance with Gov. to shut its game properties until April 8. J. B. Pritzker & rsquo issued an executive order on March 20 that included the following:

  • People should remain at home
  • shutdown of unnecessary businesses
  • prohibiting gatherings of more than ten citizens
  • erroneous go

On March 13 and March 16, both, the IGB announced the suspension of games and video games. The two punishments were intended to continue until March 30 at the time.

Regulators may re-evaluate the situation in the future, according to the release, and may decide to extend the interruption.

“The Gaming Board is continuously monitoring developments in connection with the COVID-19 public health crisis and will update licensees and the public as warranted if any further extension is necessary,” the release noted.

Closure is exceptional, and sales will decline.

Riverboat gambling became legal in Illinois in 1990, and the state’s primary water-based games were established in 1991. The state & rsquo’s gaming sector has expanded to include a total of 10 land-based and riverboat casinos. The condition made videos gaming legal in 2009.

The condition has not for so long shut down all of its casinos and video gambling establishments. It & rsquo is undoubtedly a reality that many states are dealing with in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

There is a sizable sum of money at risk for games as well as state tax revenue. Casinos and video gaming earned the following numbers, according to the IGB & rsquo’s February data:

  • Casino revenue:$ 102,3 million
  • Income profits at casinos:$ 21.7 million
  • Revenue from film games:$ 151.5 million
  • Tax revenue from film games:$ 100 million

There is a good chance that the state will receive roughly half of the tax income it would typically receive this month. If the numbers from February & rsquo are any indication, Illinois stands to lose about$ 60 million as a result of the suspension.

Illinois’ selections are a representation of the country’s problem.

The country has undergone a remarkable change in the last three weeks. The NBA time was in full swing, the NCAA Tournament was still in progress, and the coronavirus crisis was the main source of annoyance on March 10.

The NBA suspended its time the following day after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested coronavirus-positive. The NCAA quickly postponed March Madness.

Finally, at the same time as that bizarre series of disclosures, casinos all over the nation announced closures.

The closure that occurred on the Las Vegas Strip was arguably the most beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful video tape of the was posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal writer Mick Akers. After the shutdown, ribbon. The film depicts the streets as being essentially deserted, and the streets, which typically groan under the weight of hundreds of thousands of people every day, are free of almost all foot traffic.



The game closures are still in place at the time of this article, and it is still unclear what will happen to the coronavirus crisis in America. The number of new cases keeps rising.

Projections appear to indicate that the spread’s top is still to come.

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