Illinois Sports Betting ‘Off To A Good Start’ With $435 Million In Handle

Written By Joe Boozell on December 17, 2020Last Updated on March 2, 2021

In October, Illinois continued its outstanding sporting gambling streak with a record of$ 434.6 million in control.

As expected, that was an all-time high, way up from $305.2 million in September. Illinois Gaming Board administrator MarcusFruchter said during Thursday’s meeting that Illinois sports betting is “off to a good start.”

Illinois is now unquestionably the No. 4 states in America offer sports betting, and it & rsquo is moving toward Pennsylvania to claim the No. 3 spots. The least developed of those areas, it just surpassed New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania in October.

There were no new online sportsbook launches in October. But this was the first time that all five Illinois mobile books — DraftKings, BetRiversFanDuel, PointsBet and William Hill — were live for an entire month with remote registration in place.

More will likely join the fray in 2021, including Barstool, Unibet and BetMGM sports in Illinois.

In the meantime, the Illinois online sports betting industry is aided by COVID-19, odd as that may sound.

Smart registration wasn’t supposed to be commonplace until late 2021, at the very least. We & rsquo, however, has had online registration in Illinois since late August due to the health risks associated with visiting a casino.

That & rsquo is a victory for both consumers and sportsbooks.

BetRivers is usurped by DraftKings for the No. a single location

Let’s take a look at how each Illinois sportsbook performed in October.

Remember, although Illinois casinos are closed now, they were still open in October. So retail handle is included in the numbers below.

Sportsbook Handle
DraftKings 141. 4 million
BetRivers $ 115,5 million
FanDuel $ 105.6 million.
PointsBet $ 60.8 million.
Hill, William $ 5. 6 million
Alton Argosy Casino( retail only ) $ 3. 1 million
Joliet at the Hollywood Casino( retail only ) $ 1. 4 million
Aurora Hollywood Casino( retail only ) $ 1. 2 million

Since its launch in Illinois in August, DraftKings has undoubtedly come a long way.

It has quickly made up ground on BetRivers, which enjoyed an 84% market share that month. While BetRivers is still going to a player in Illinois for a long time, DraftKings has now claimed the top spot.

Its Chicago Cubspartnership, likely manifesting in 2022, should also provide a future boost.

PointsBet and Hill, Williamare still miles away from the top three, but the former made significant strides in its first full month online. FanDuel continues to hold steady at the No. 3 spot, and is gaining ground on BetRivers.

On the sporting calendar, October was a busy quarter that also happens to be the quarter of sports gambling.

In addition to the NFL, Big Ten football also kicked off, and Illinois is in the heart of Big Ten country (even though you can’t bet on Illinois colleges in the Land of Lincoln).

Another 2020 exception, the NBA Finals, likewise happened in October. Additionally, the MLB quarterfinals took place as usual in October. For the Illinois activities better, there was no lack of action.

Sportsbooks made a total profit of$ 42.2 million. Illinois’ tax revenue from sports betting was$ 6.4 million, while Cook County‘s was$ 477,000.

The tackle was bet on professional sports for approximately$ 355 million, with school sports making up the remaining funds.

How does Illinois stack up against another says?

The Illinois activities betting market is flourishing, as was already mentioned. We’re also in the early stages of the process, too.

In terms of control in October, these were the best states:

  1. New Jersey($ 813.1 million )
  2. Nevada($ 660,000,000 )
  3. ( 525. 8 million ) Pennsylvania
  4. ($ 434.6 million ) Illinois
  5. Indiana’s($ 230.9 million )
  6. Colorado’s($ 210.7 million )

Illinois and Pennsylvania are nearly identical in terms of population, and the former continues to gain ground on the latter. Sports betting in PA has been around for about two years, as opposed to a few months in IL.

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