Tax Rates Threaten New Chicago Casino, Sportsbook

Written By Derek Helling on August 26, 2019Last Updated on January 6, 2020
Chicago casino and sportsbook 2019

Like any other business, casinos operate on a straightforward equation of profit minus expenses equals income.

One of those costs is taxes, which is also the cost that might keep a fresh Chicago casino initiative from ever getting off the ground.

An unfavorable estimates is presented by a just finished feasibility study that was ordered by the Illinois government. The project’s ability to move ahead is now in doubt as a result.

information about the study’s new game job in Chicago

A study performed by Las Vegas’Union Gaming Analytics was released Aug. 13. The most pertinent statement in the study makes the conclusions clear:

The highest productive games tax and payment structure in the US, known as & hellip, makes any casino project, regardless of location and mdash, typically not economically feasible.

A casino’s management is a double-edged brand. Although casinos have a lot of income potential, they also have some of the highest taxes in the nation.

Particularly true for casinos in the Land of Lincoln is that & rsquo. No additional state taxes casinos as strongly as Illinois, as the aforementioned declaration notes.

A new Chicago casino would pay 72 % of its revenue in taxes, according to the study’s data. Even if that profit is in the hundreds of millions of dollars per annum, no company can turn a profit with just 28 % of it remaining before it pays its operating costs.

The study’s findings cast doubt on the state government and its strategy for improving its economic situation.

Why Illinois should be devastated by this

In short, Illinois lawmakers saw gaming expansion as a way out of debt. The state has been cash-strapped for years, to the point where individual income tax refunds were delayed.

By authorizing six new gaming facilities, including a mega-casino in the Chicago metro along with Illinois sports betting, the hope was that the new tax revenue would pad the state coffers.

That strategy may now have fallen prey to its own & ldquo success. & rdquo, The tax rates in the new law, which were meant to be the state’s hero, have now turned into that sheo andrsquo; their own demise.

It & rsquo, it’s pretty obvious that lawmakers will need to lower their expectations in order to move forward with the project. That could occur.

Where the fresh game job in Chicago will go from ok

The Illinois Gaming Board today has 90 times to suggest changes to state legislators in accordance with the new law. That could result in a tax rate decrease.

If that occurs, the project’s overall outlook may increase. According to the research, there is a huge potential for earning millions of dollars.

The question is how much the tax will be relaxed by lawmakers in order to make the task possible. Cutting the rate too low will reduce the casino & rsquo’s capacity to support the state treasury.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached between the opposing interests, it may take decades before any further action is taken against the Chicago game. Fees and death are a given in life.

Tax-related suicide is a chance for the game job in Chicago. & nbsp, lawmakers must pass that barrier in order to proceed.

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