New Study Prompts Illinois To Increase Problem Gambling Resources

Written By Jake Garza on July 20, 2022Last Updated on March 13, 2023
Problem Gambling Study reveals risks for Illinois residents

New measures are being implemented in Illinois to curb problem gambling, in response to a statewide study by the Department of Human Services.

The state appears to be acknowledging the new emphasis that report placed on the importance of responsible gambling.

Results of problem gambling study

The study of citizens’ habits was initiated by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) as gambling became increasingly prevalent in the state. This was the inaugural survey of this nature ever conducted in the Land of Lincoln.

The IDHS published the results of its study last month. Here are some of the major discoveries:

  • Around 3.8% of adult individuals in Illinois struggle with a gambling issue.
  • Approximately 7.7% of adults in Illinois are susceptible to developing a gambling issue.
  • In the past year, 68% of adults reported having gambled at some point.
  • Gambling in Illinois is most commonly done through lottery games.

When considered in terms of population, approximately 383,000 residents of Illinois currently struggle with a gambling problem. Furthermore, there are an additional 760,000 gamblers who are potentially at risk of developing a problem in the future.

Last month, the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) presented its data to the Illinois Gaming Board. Fortunately, the state is already in a proactive position in terms of preparing for the expansion of gambling.

New Illinois resources

As Illinois continues to expand gambling, the state’s citizens are likely to face an increase in problem gambling needs.

In the past two years, Illinois has trained more than 200 clinicians to treat gambling disorder. The number is set to rise in 2023.

The IDHS’s upcoming budget has a new allocation of $10 million from the state. Laura Garcia, who is the director of the Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, indicates that they are already investigating various methods to address problem gambling.

We are utilizing these findings to formulate strategies that will boost awareness of problem gambling, promote responsible gambling, and broaden the scope of prevention, treatment, and recovery services across the state.

For a state with such a significant gaming presence, introducing new resources to promote responsible gambling is a fantastic move.

Nonetheless, resources are already available to assist if you or someone you know struggles with a gambling problem.

Residents of Illinois can get in touch with support specialists who are available around the clock by dialing 1-800-GAMBLER or texting “GAMBLER” to 833234 at any given time.

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