South Suburb Lawmakers Implore Gov Pritzker To Help Speed Up Casino Licensing

Written By Joe Boozell on August 25, 2021
Pritzker Casino IGB

In a letter to Governor, five lawmakers from the southern suburbs asked Gov. JB Pritzker will participate in the Illinois Gaming Board andrsquo( IGB ) casino license procedure.

So far, the operation has proceeded at a snail’s pace. In 2019, Pritzker authorized the development of gambling by approving six additional probable casino licenses. The IGB hasn’t issued a second registration as of right now.

There has been especially little progress on the south suburban license. Rockford and Williamson County projects are near full approval, but the south suburbs appear nowhere close to that point.

The five lawmakers wrote in the letter, via the Chicago Tribune:

& ldquo, Your constituents in south suburban Chicago have faced a number of challenges over the past two years, but none may be worse than their own government’s refusal to take action on proposals that have been approved by the legislature to boost local economies, create new jobs, and generate higher incomes.

& ldquo, kindly motivate IGB to take action. Families in our area are denied the chance to win better jobs and better incomes every day that we put off the casino project in the Southland & mdash, where annual household income ranges as low as$ 27, 000 and mndash. & rdquo,

2019 saw a number of west residential developers submit applications. A decision had to be made by the IGB within a year, or an argument in writing was required to postpone the procedure.

The one-year deadline passed in the fall of 2020, and the two-year date is approaching.

In a speech in response to the letter, IGB Administrator Marcus Fruchter stated:

The IGB fully understands the importance of the new casino license to the south suburban communities, & ldquo. The app procedure for casinos is a difficult and important process. & rdquo,

Fruchter has recently blamed COVID-19 and the applicants themselves for the delays.

On September 9, the IGB will hold its next meeting, which typically features game reports.

There is a backlog of applicants from southern residential areas.

There are numerous applicants for the southern suburban license, which contributes to the delay in comparison to areas like Rockford and Williamson County.

There are four engineers who are curious, whereas some areas only had one bid. Therefore, it makes sense that the southern residential license would require more time because the IGB must assess each applicant. In a related vessel is Waukegan.

One of the politicians who signed the letter was State Representative Anthony DeLuca. He mentioned Pritzker & rsquo’s potential involvement:

& ldquo, I don’t believe any governor, politician, or legislator should meddle in the gaming board’s current process, but they can certainly keep an eye on it. We can definitely let the Southland know that this is a concern, and that does not seem to be the case. & rdquo,

State Rep. Bob Rita also signed the letter. Rita co-sponsored the House online casino bill earlier this year that failed to pass.

The most recent on various casino licenses in Illinois

As was already mentioned, Hard Rock Casino Rockford and Walker & rsquo, a Bluff Casino in Williamson County, are on the verge of receiving full approval.

Each & ldquo was initially deemed suitable by the IGB earlier this year. That & rsquo is the last step before being given final approval.

As it constructs the lasting ability, The Hard Rock intends to start a momentary casino in the slide. Walker & rsquo, s Bluff is a few months behind Hard Rock in the development process.

Beyond those two regions, we don’t know much. But we do know that the city of Chicagois struggling to drum up interest for its license.

Most of the largest US game companies are choosing not to place a bid on the Chicago casino license due to high tax rates and other unfavorable factors. Rush Street Gaming may be serious, but for the time being, that’s all there is to say.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot extended the bidding deadline from August until October. And even though Chicago is struggling to attract gaming operators, Lightfoot has criticized the IGB in advance for its slow process.

Years will pass before some of these games are constructed. Illinois keeps on Illinois – ing in the interim.

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