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Possibilities for the Chicago Bears

For the Chicago Bears to rebuild, 2022 was a difficult year. The team lost its final 10 straight games and finished last in the NFC North with a 3 – 14 record.

The good news is that Chicago secured the# 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft as a result of the Houston Texans’ victory over Minnesota in Week 18 and their current# 2 get.

The Carolina Panthers received the first-ever selection from the Bears in March in exchange for wide receiver DJ Moore, who was selected as the team’s# 9 overall pick this year and , a second-round pick in 2024, and another selection in the same year.

The Bears took University of Tennessee right tackle Darnell Wright on Draft Night after trading the Eagles’ # 9 pick for the# 10 overall pick. Afterward, on Day 3, Chicago added a few weapons by wide receiver Tyler Scott and running back Roschon Johnson. Both have the potential to be big-play players and could eventually become instance.

All three does support QB Justin Fields, who ran the ball during his next NFL season in 2022 and had a banner year. He rushed for 1, 143 feet, really 63 miles shy of Lamar Jackson’s 1,206-yard 2019 all-time touchdown rush total. Fields, yet, came in 17th place overall with a 53.9 QB score. In 2022, Fields completed 192 of the 318 passes( 60.4 %) for 2, 242 yards( tied for 26th ), with 17 touchdowns( 16th ) and 11 interceptions( 17th ).

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Second Up: Viking from Minnesota

    Vikings Record: 12 – 4

  • Vikings’ offense position: 12
  • Vikings Security Rank: 31
  • The place is Soldier Field.
  • Wolf spread
  • Sunday, 8 January 2023

Vikings vs. Animals Betting Outlines and Conflict

Information on Bears vs. Viking gaming
Favorite Spread Favourite Spread Probabilities Spread Odds for Opponent Total Overall Chances Under Average Conflict
Vikings -7 -110 -110 43 -105 -115

This article’s gambling perspectives are based on data from DraftKings as of 8 January 2023, 8:37 Do E.

Changes in Bears Betting

  • This year, the Bears have a 5-11-0 record against the spread (ATS).
  • So far this year, 10 out of 16 matches in Chicago have ended in the over.
  • The Bears have only been the sportsbook favorite twice this time, winning one game and losing the other.
  • This time, Chicago has won two out of the 14 games in which it has participated as the opponent.

Discussions With The Viking Recently

Date Favorite Staff at household Spread Total Favourite Cashline Moneyline Underdog Total number of feet Result
10/9/2022 Vikings Vikings -8.5 43.5 -365 +300 429 – 271 Mini 29 – 22 Minute
1/9/2022 Vikings Vikings -3.5 45 -190 +160 356 – 331 Qi 31 – 17 Minute
12/20/2021 Vikings Bears -7 47.5 -305 +240 370 – 193 Qi 17 – 9 Minute
12/20/2020 Vikings Vikings -2.5 47 -148 +127 407 – 397 Minute 33 – 27 CHI
12/29/2019 Vikings 300 to 337 Yin 21 – 19 CHI

Person Insights for Animals

  • David Montgomery has accumulated a total of five touchdowns for his team and an impressive 780 rushing yards, averaging 52.0 per game. He has also improved his performance with 34 carries for 316 yards and one touchdown.
  • So far this year, Khalil Herbert has achieved four touchdowns and run 682 yards, averaging 56.8 yards per game.
  • Cole Kmet has achieved six touchdowns and 46 receptions contributing to a team total of 487 yards, or an average of 30.4 yards per game.
  • In addition, Chase Claypool has contributed 422 miles, 44 strikes, and a touchdown. He accounts for 30.1% of the game’s total yards.
  • Equanimeous St. Brown averages 21.3 yards per game, with a total of 320 receiving yards from 20 receptions (out of 37 targets), and has scored one touchdown.
  • This year, Jaquan Brisker is leading the team and has added 4.0 TFL, 93 tackles, and one interception to his overall record.
  • Nicholas Morrow leads the team in both tackles and interceptions in the current promotion, with 108 tackles, 10.0 TFL, and one interception.

Animals suffering wounds

As of 8 January 2023, no Bears gamers are now listed on the wound report.


Schedule for the Bears 2022 – 2023

Week Date Opponent Result TV
1 11 September 2022 San Francisco 49ers vs. Double-u, 19 – 10. FOX
2 18 September 2022 Movers of Green Bay L, 27 – 10. NBC( SNF )
3 25 September 2022 Houston Texans vs. W, 23 – 20 CBS
4 2 October 2022 the New York Giants Fifty, 20 – 12. FOX
5 9 October 2022 Norse in Minnesota L, 29 – 22 FOX
6 13 October 2022 Washington Commanders vs. Fifty, 12 – 7. ( TNF ) AMAZON
7 24 October 2022 Patriots of New England W, 33 – 14 ESPN( MNF )
8 30 October 2022 Horses in Dallas 50, 49 – 29 FOX
9 6 November 2022 Miami Dolphins vs. L, 35 – 32 CBS
10 13 November 2022 Detroit Lions vs. 50, 31 – 30. FOX
11 20 November 2022 Raptors in Atlanta 50, 27 – 24 FOX
12 27 November 2022 the New York Jets L, 31 – 10 FOX
13 4 December 2022 Movers of Green Bay vs. L, 28 – 19 FOX
14 BYE
15 18 December 2022 Philadelphia Eagles vs. L, 25 – 20 FOX
16 24 December 2022 Buffalo Bills vs. Fifty, 35 – 13. CBS
17 1 January 2023 the Detroit Lions 50, 41 – 10. FOX
18 8 January 2023 Norse of Minnesota vs. FOX

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Odds of the Animals of Chicago Explained

Casinos list Bears odds for every matchup for each game played throughout the year. The street crew typically appears at the top of lists, followed by the apartment team. There is, however, sometimes a negative – webpage game. The typical Bears bets line appears to be as follows:

Moneyline Scatter of points Over/Under
Movers of Green Bay -240 – 5( 110 ). O 48. 5( 110 )
Animals of Chicago +190 + 5 ( 110 ). U 48. 5 ( 110 )

The chances and lines for the three major prior bets: parlays, point disperse, and totals are listed next to the names of the two teams. Each of the three bets will result in a ton of action for each NFL game on the plan, and the odds will change accordingly. This is how the bets operate.

Moneyline Bears

The objective of this bet is to select the team you believe will prevail in the match. You have the option of picking the underdog with good numbers or the favorite at negative odds.

  • Green Bay Movers: -240
  • Animals of Chicago: +190

It’s a simple bet with an obvious outcome. Moneyline is a great place for new bookmakers to start, but it also has appeal for those with experience.

Bears Scatter of points

The multiply introduces a brand-new problem to the situation. A variety that needs to be taken into account is set by bookmakers. Which do you prefer, the doggie plus the amount or the beloved minus the points?

  • Green Bay Movers: -5 (-110)
  • Chicago Animals: +5 (-110)

For the wager to be successful, the area you roll with must include the unfold. For instance, the Packers must win by six or more at – 5. The Bears win or suffer a 4 point reduction or less during their support.

Bears beneath/ through

The total number of points that the two teams will score determines the over / under wager. Casinos publish an estimated range with odds attached for punters to weigh in on.

  • Over 48.5 (+110)
  • 48.5 under 110.

The outcome of the game, also referred to as totals bets, is useless. Choosing whether the total points will be Over or Under the listed amount is the objective for bookmakers.

Prospects and Props Gaming on Animals

You are not restricted to simply placing bets on whether the Bears will win any given time. On the wagering selection, there are a ton more options for exploration. Futures and props are two of the most well-liked categories.

Future are wagers you can make on how you anticipate the time as a whole developing. The best markets’ odds will be made public during the season and remain engaged all year. Here are a few of the best products you can find.

  • Place your bet on the Bears to win the Super Bowl.
  • Victory for the team in the department or conference.
  • Betting odds for the Bears’ total regular-season wins.
  • Bears individual to receive accolades such as MVP, Rookie of the Year, and so on.

By clicking through the game advertisements, you can find clip bet. You’ll frequently discover a website with the phrase” more wagers” on it. You’ll discover the list of options for the latest game once you click on it. Here are a few illustrations of what you might encounter.

    Does Darnell Mooney have over or under 79.5 receiving feet?

  • Can David Montgomery score a touchdown?
  • Who might have more between Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn, buckets and addresses?

Additionally, there will be props that are based on the team or the specifics of the game, such as which side will have the most complete rushing yards and whether or not a return TD may occur.

Books instantly attach odds for normal props, and they may change depending on betting behavior. In the future industry, the same is true. Based on where the gambling activity is taking place, there is frequently motion as stakes start to come in.

It’s usually a good idea to shop around for both prospects and accessories to get the best deals. Don’t forget that you may regularly check back to see what the business has to say about future. It’s worthwhile to do so because there are constantly changing costs on the team and players you’re interested in.

Over the past 20 times, Chicago Bears quarterbacks

Over the years, the Bears have struggled to maintain balance at the QB position. Take into account the fact that Jay Cutler just played for the team from 2009 to 2016 and holds several of its dying records.

In 2022, Justin Fields is anticipated to be the clear start.

Let’s take a look at the people who began playing quarterback for the Bears:

    Justin Fields — 2021 – 10 matches. Andy Dalton, age six. Nick Foles — 1.

  • In 2020, Mitchell Trubisky played 9 games. Nick Foles was 7 years old.
  • In 2019, Mitchell Trubisky participated in 15 games while Daniel Chase took part in just one.
  • 2018: Mitchell Trubisky – 14, Daniel Chase – 2.
  • In 2017, Mitchell Trubisky was 12 years old. 4. Mike Glennon.
  • In 2016, Matt Barkley was ranked 6th. Jay Cutler was 5th and Brian Hoyer was 4th.
  • In 2015, Jay Cutler was ranked 15th, followed by Jimmy Clausen who was ranked 1st.
  • In 2014, Jay Cutler wore number 15 and Jimmy Clausen was his teammate.
  • Jay Cutler – 2013, followed by Josh McCown at number 11. 5.
  • In 2012, Jay Cutler scored 15 and Jason Campbell scored 1.
  • From 2011, Jay Cutler (2010), Caleb Hanie, and Josh McCown.
  • In 2010, Jay Cutler had 15 and Todd Collins had 1.
  • In 2009, Jay Cutler was 16 years old.
  • Kyle Orton is number 15 and Rex Grossman is number 1.
  • In 2007, Rex Grossman had a score of 7.6, while Brian Griese and Kyle Orton were at 3.
  • 2006: Rex Grossman – 16
  • In 2005, Kyle Orton had 15 and Rex Grossman had 1.
  • Craig Krenzel had five instances in 2004. Chad Hutchinson also had five instances. Jonathan Quinn and Rex Grossman each had three instances.
  • In 2003, Kordell Stewart was ranked number seven, Chris Chandler was number six, and Rex Grossman was number three.
  • In 2002, Jim Miller was ranked 8. Chris Chandler has a rank of 7. Henry Burris is listed first.
  • Jim Miller had a score of 13 in 2001, while Stephen Matthews had a score of 3.
  • In 2000, Cade McNown scored 9. Shane Matthews and Jim Miller were second.

The Greatest Head Coaches in Bear History

The Chicago Bears have a long history that dates back to the franchise and , also known as the Decatur Staleys in 1920. Only 17 people have served as head coaches since that time.

In the beginning, the famed George Halas was in charge, and in the 1980s, franchise legend Mike Ditka assisted the team in regaining its former glory. Only five head instructors have sat on the Chicago outside since 1999. Here is a look at each of their information.

Coach Tenure Regular Time Postseason
Mr. Nagy 2018-2021 34-31 0-2
Fox, John 2015-17 14-34 NA
Trestman, Marc 2013-14 13-19 NA
Smith, Lovie 2004-12 81-63 3-3
Jauron, Dick 1999-2003 35-45 0-1

Nagy was able to guide the Bears to the quarterfinals in two of his four seasons in charge, but despite a strong opening season, the franchise’s flight continued to deteriorate under his leadership.

House game for the Chicago Bears

The Bears played their home games at Wrigley Field, which is better known as the house of MLB’s Chicago Cubs, from 1921 to 1970. The league first moved into the next prevent on what it believed to be a short-term commitment because it needed some larger digs from that. Home games between Chicago are also played it to this day. You can find the Bears in man here:

    Soldier Field is the name.

  • The address is 1410 Sulfur Museum Campus Drive, Chicago.
  • User: Chicago Park Area
  • The technician is ASM Global.
  • 61, 500 power
  • November 11, 1922: Groundbreaking
  • Start date: October 9, 1924.
  • Construction cost: $13 million
  • Major League Soccer, college basketball, National Hockey League, music, and other activities.

How to View Bears Games and Listen to Them

For each glass of the plan, the NFL has a specific broadcast agreement in place. You can tune in and see the Bears game here, depending on when it is scheduled:

    Football on Thursday Night: Amazon Prime Video

  • Late Sunday afternoon on CBS / Fox.
  • NBC’s Sunday Night Football
  • ESPN’s Monday Night Football

Big cable, satellite, and streaming services in Illinois offer each of the aforementioned programs. The NFL game and Yahoo Sports offer coverage of a few nearby and primetime games for additional broadcasting options.

NFL RedZone offers comprehensive protection of all of the games for the Sunday afternoon ticket. This registration add-on is offered by a variety of service providers. Last but not least, antenna can be used in several locations to pick up the major broadcast stations, CBS, Fox, and NBC. The nearby members in your area will be in charge of the games.

The main radio place for Bears channels is WBBM 780 M and 105.9 Radio. Tom Thayer handles evaluation, while Jeff Joniak handles play-by-play. Several stations all over the state pick up the supply. On TuneIn, which is accessible both on the internet and on mobile devices, sound policy of Bears activities is also obtainable.

The Top 5 Sports Bars in the Chicago Area

For devoted followers of the group, it’s quite the occasion when the Bears are set to take the area. You’re in fortune if you want to go out and watch the game. There are many excellent places to visit in the Chicago place. Here’s a look at five of the best locations to think about. Don &, don’t forget that you can place bets while watching the game in a bar by downloading any of the NFL betting apps listed above.

The work of Gracie O’Malley

This fantastic European restaurant, which is a part of the Chicago location city, has plenty of TVs to watch the game. There are offers for food and beverages, a welcoming surroundings, and overall fun.

    Target: Chicago, Illinois 60647, 1635 N. Milwaukee Ave.

  • Phone numbers: 773, 292, 2765
  • is the website.
  • From 5 p.m. to evening on Monday and Tuesday, and from 11 a.m. to evening from Wednesday to Sunday.

The Public House of the Ambassador

The Ambassador Public House is a European-style bar with food and drink offers and plenty of Tv to take in the activity. It is situated in West Loop. You’ll enjoy it around if you enjoy a variety of beverages.

    Chicago, Illinois 60661 at 310 Mho. Halsted St.

  • Mobile number 312-888-9961
  • Website:
  • Monday to Wednesday: 2 p.m. to 1 a.m.; Thursday and Friday: 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.; Saturday and Sunday: from first light to 12 a.m. and one hour before sunrise.

The Globe Bar

You can find the Globe Pub on the North Side, a fun place to watch all kinds of activities. The club has a sizable beverage selection, an expanded happy hour every day of the week, and many smart TVs for watching the game.

    Chicago, Illinois 60613, 1934 Wolfram. Irving Park Street

  • Call 773-871-3757.
  • Website:
  • The days are Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to evening, Friday from 2 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday. Closed on Monday.

a Diva

TVs, pub food, pool table, jukeboxes, great drink selection, and a place to kick back and watch the games? You’ll find that and much more at a Diva, a popular destination for Bears fans.

    Chicago, Illinois 60622; target: 1938 Wolfram. Chicago Ave.

  • Telephone: 773-235-3483
  • Website:
  • From Monday to Friday, 11:30 to 2 a.m., continuing on Saturday and Sunday, and so forth.

The Scout

The Scout is a well-liked watering hole off the South Loop that serves fantastic meal in addition to an extensive selection of beers and wines. Of course, there are numerous monitors available for viewing the activity.

    Chicago, Illinois 60605 target: 1301 S. Wabash Ave.

  • Telephone: 312-705-0595
  • From 2:00 pm to 2:00 am, Monday to Friday; and on Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 am.

The time listed for these businesses are existing as of this writing, but it’s always a good idea to call back and double-check to make sure you don’t miss anything. One more thing: You won’t skip a beat on that end either then that sports gambling is permitted in Illinois.

Leading operators’ apps are available to you on the move, and you can sign up to place life bet as the Bears game progresses. We’ll refer to that as a win-win scenario that Bears followers should definitely take advantage of.

The Chicago Bears’ past

The A. E. Staley Co. established a basketball team in 1920. The team, known as the Decatur Staleys, started playing in 1919. For the 1922 plan, the group was renamed the Bears after moving to Chicago in 1921.

The Bears, a charter member of the NFL, experienced great success in the years leading up to the acquisition of NFL and AFL. The team won eight league finals between 1921 and 1963. The Bears have only won one significant activity during the Super Bowl period and lost another.

The company has fielded a number of the show’s most illustrious all-time participants along the way. The more significant Bears company record facts and figures are listed below.

    Founded in 1920

  • In 1985, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl championship.
  • Images from the Super Bowl: The Indianapolis Colts defeated them in two games after the 2006 season.
  • There have been eight NFL tournaments, with the most recent one occurring in 1963.
  • Four conference titles, the latest in 2006.
  • The most recent of the 19 division victories was in 2018.
  • Has been in the Playoffs 27 times, with the most recent being in 2020.
  • 14 people, minus 13, one user, retired numbers
  • Of the 36 Hall of Famers, 30 primarily played for the Bears.
  • 57 individuals from the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame
  • Jay Cutler, at 23,443, is the leader in job passing yards.
  • Walter Payton, with a career rushing record of 16,726 feet, is the head of career rushing.
  • Johnny Morris is the head of job receiving yards with a total of 5,059.
  • The majority of TDs in the regular season for the group are 56 and 1941.
  • Walter Payton, aged 21, has an online profile that lists his height as 803 full feet.
  • TD Start Return: Six, Gale Sayers
  • Devin Hester had 651 seasonal kick return miles in 2007.
  • Richard Dent held the record for most buckets in a year with five in 1984.
  • In 1962, Richie Petitbon accumulated 212 yards in intrusion returns.
  • Walter Payton holds the record for the most games with over 100 yards, totaling 77.

The Bears’ recognized sports betting companion is BetRivers, and Rivers Casino is the team and number 8217’s recognized game partner.

FAQ for the Chicago Bears


In Illinois, sporting gambling is now formally permitted. Legislation was initially approved in 2019, but the standard implementation took some time. Online websites made their debut over the summers, while financial options launched in March 2020. Moving forward, more choices will continue to be revealed.


On shutdown, Las Vegas’s sports gambling chances are no longer the best. That was the case for many years, but the fresh constitutional environment has changed that. Sports gambling sites in the legal states are offering possibilities that are comparable to what you can get in Sin City. That includes this area of Illinois. You can definitely look at the statistics from outside in Vegas, but you can get similar prices right here at home.


The Bears have a long story as one of the NFL’s founding teams. Over the years, the company has produced a number of renowned players, including numerous Hall of Famers. Gale Sayers and Walter Payton, who both played running up, are two names that consistently stand out on the offensive part of the game. These are two of the greatest players to ever hold the position, and their histories have more than withstood the test of time. Dick Butkus is regarded as one of the greatest linebackers of all time and was among the most feared people of his day when playing protection.


WR Allen Robinson is at the top of the list for the 2021 period. His entire cap hit is$ 17.98 million, with basic pay of$ 17.88. With a full salary cap of$ 14.7 million, LB Robert Quinn comes in second, followed by RB Khalil Mack at$ 14.46 million.


The Bears are a hot seat because they are an incredibly well-liked native team with sizable regional support. You’re looking at about$ 80 for the inexpensive seats at the low end. The average cost is around$ 300, but premium tickets can cost more than$ 1,000. Normally, the precise cost will depend on where the seats are located. Also, keep in mind that if the membership is facing off against one of the top teams in the league or is having a strong season, secondary market prices may be significantly higher.