Chicago Cubs Odds

Odds for the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are currently in the midst of the 2023 campaign and are hovering around.500.

The best odds accessible across all Illinois online bookmakers for today’s game, the best Cubs World Series chances, as well as more important stats and info are all listed below for you to use to place your bet on the team in Illinois.

Today &, s Cubs odds: Props, World Series, Moneyline

With the most recent numbers from numerous books, our odds application makes it simple to find the best Cubs odds and gaming lines for each sport. To begin placing your wager, look at our daily MLB game conflict and click on any chances.


Second Up: The Philadelphia Eagles

    Sunday, May 21, 2023, is sport time.

  • Game time: 1:35 AM
  • The place is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The facility is Citizens Bank Park.

Discussions With The Philadelphia Recently


Date Staff at home Conflict on the Sportsbook Complete Works Result
5/20/2023 Phillies +135 9 12 – 3 Alpha
5/19/2023 Phillies +115 9 10 – 1 Vitality
The next two numbers Total Performance:- O / Uranium Report:-

Phillies vs. Cubs Insights

  • The Cubs have hit 57 home runs in total, ranking them 12th in MLB with an average of 1.3 runs per game.
  • Chicago ranks eighth in football with a .428 slugging percentage.
  • The Cubs rank fifth-best in MLB with a .264 batting average.
  • This season, the Cubs have hit at least two home runs in 19 games, with a record of 9 wins and 10 losses in those matches.
  • The Cubs’ pitching staff is 17th in MLB, with 8.6 strikeouts per nine innings.

Cubs’ Most Recent 10 Sports

general performance Preferred Report by Mil Opponent History by Cc Complete Works O/U/P Scored Update Goes Update Goes Permitted
3 – 7. 0-1 3-6 10-0-0 5.1 7.2

Conflict And Betting Lines For Kids vs. Flyers

Favorite Favourite Cashline Parlays Underdog Running Collection Complete Works
Phillies -120 +100 PHI 1. 5 9

Kittens Betting Advice

  • This time, the Cubs have secured 16 overall victories on the sportsbook. They’ve won 9 out of those 16 events.
  • This season, Chicago, as the underdog, has secured victories in eight out of 21 games, which is equivalent to a win percentage of 38.1%.
  • The Cubs have surpassed the over/under set by bookmakers 39 times. In 21 of those games (21 – 17 – 1), they and their opponents have together exceeded the total.
  • This season, Chicago has a record of 21 – 18 – 0 against the spread.
Home Away Day Night vs. beginning RHP vs. launching LHP
11-11 9-14 12-18 16-12 16-24 12-6

To Enjoy Cubs Players

  • Nico Hoerner has led the Cubs in runs batted in (23) and has set the team’s highest batting average at .304.
  • Hoerner’s RBI ranks 59th and his total home runs rank 246th among all batters in baseball.
  • In addition to a batting average of .264, Dansby Swanson has hit 11 doubles, a quadruple, four home runs, and has taken 28 walks.
  • Among all MLB batsmen, Swanson ranks 141st in home runs and 117th in RBI.
  • Ian Happ has a .296 batting average with 13 doubles, four home runs, and 33 excursions.
  • Both the 23 runs batted in and Patrick Wisdom’s 12 home runs lead his team.

Chicago vs. Philadelphia injury

Theodore Bellinger, Hendricks, Kyle, Sampson, Adrian, Theodore Boxberger, and Roberts, Ethan all have a 10-day injured list( right forearm ), 10 days injured lists( leg ), 15 days hurt( shoulder ), and 60 days injure( elbow ) respectively.
Philadelphia Phillies: Darick Hall: The 60-Day Injured Record (thumb), Cristian Pache: List of 10 Morning Injured (knee), José Alvarado: Listing of 15-Day Injured (elbow), Rafael Marchan: The 60-Day Injured Record (hand), Rhys Hoskins: The 60-Day Injured Record (knee), Noah Song: Listing of 15-Day Injured (back)

Name Status Injury Figures 2023
Theodore Bellinger List of 10 Morning Injured Leg 271, 337, 493, 7 60 minutes, and 20 RBI
Theodore Boxberger Listing of 15-Day Injured Proper arm 0 – 1, 5.52 ERA, 8.0 K / 9, and
Hendricks, Kyle Listing of 15-Day Injured Shoulder
Roberts, Ethan The 60-Day Injured Record Elbow
Sampson, Adrian The 60-Day Injured Record Knee
Codi Heuer The 60-Day Injured Record Elbow

Illinois gambling guidelines for the Cubs

People can typically place bets on the moneyline, total, and point spread( 1. 5 goes in either direction ), though laws and offers may vary depending on which casino is the bookmaker.

Additionally, they can wager on different person accessories.

Let’s say, for instance, that the Cubs are up against the Cardinals. The game has a total of 8.5 runs, and the Cubs are favored at – 150 on the moneyline but not by more than one(- 1.5 is listed at + 120 ). If nine works or more are scored, If the Cubs win the game, both the over and the moneyline did money. The Cubs would also cover the – 1. 5 spread if they were to win by two runs or more.

Bettors you place wagers on a variety of player props, including players hitting home runs and pitchers striking out many batters. Let’s say, for instance, that Suzuki is listed at + 400 to reach a home run. If Suzuki does, a$ 10 wager would bring in$ 40.

While we don’t know any detail just yet, we also don’, so we shouldn’ be surprised if DraftKings offer special Cubs offers in the future given that they are the team’s official betting partner.

Chicago sports wagering information


Wrigley Field

Where to Take Previously( Or After ) A Cubs Match: Chicago Cubbs And Burger

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Wrigley Field

Cubs supporters can enter the NÜTRL Zone as a part of What &,s New At Wrigley

29 March 2023



Wrigley Field will open a DraftKings Sportsbook, welcome back Coca-Cola and hopefully be home to a winning Chicago Cubs team in 2023.

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1 March 2023



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Chicago sports

Kids plan for 2022

On April 7 at Wrigley Field, the Cubs and Brewers square off for the first time in 2022. The complete 2022 timetable is available here.

Wrigley Field is on

All you need to know about the Cubs’ home, including how many spectators Wrigley Field can accommodate, is provided below.

    Chicago is the place

  • User: The Ricketts clan.
  • Cubs’ Power: 41, 649
  • Dimensions: Left Field – 355 feet, Left-Center – 368 feet, Center Field – 400 feet, Right Field – 388 feet, and Right Field – 353 feet.
  • Floor: Lawn
  • March 4, 1914: Opening Day
  • Opening time: April 23, 1914
  • Development cost was $250 million.
  • Other Events: Numerous concerts, the 2009 Winter Classic, and a college football game between Northwestern and Illinois were all hosted.

Cubs’ COVID procedures

Masks and vaccinations won’t be necessary to activate Wrigley Field as of 2022.

Contact details for the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs’ sales department can be reached at 1 800 843 2827. Weekday hours for the Cubs are 8:30 to 6 p.m., and on vacation, 9 a. to 4:1 pm. You can buy Cubs tickets during the aforementioned times by calling 1 – 800 THE CUBS or online at the Chicago Cub’s site.

Prospects and property bets for the Chicago Cubs

Take the time to look at the options in the future and propmarkets for more chances to wager on the Cubs. Futures are bets that you can make on season-long outcomes, whereas accessories offer extra wagers on specific games.

At both online and mobile bookmakers, you can access futuresbets by selecting the MLB page. During the winter, prospects odds are released, and the business may be active all year long. These are a few of the most well-liked wagering methods:

    Put your money on Kittens to win the World Series.

  • Wagering on the Cubs to emerge victorious in the division, league, or finals.
  • Predictions for Cubs regular-season win totals.
  • Wager anticipates that Cubs players will secure the MVP, CyYoung, Rookie of the Year, among other accolades.

Finding the best rates on the options you want is the goal when betting on future. You can look through a number of books to find them, and as riches rise and fall, you can anticipate movements in the numbers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that futures call for a long-term perspective because you didn’t funds in winning tickets until the outcomes are known. Consider a winning$ 100 betting on the Cubs to win the World Series at chances of+ 2,500 for potential profits.

That would result in a whopping$ 2,500 return. Obviously, bets with lower odds will yield significantly lower returns, but it’s simple to see how possibly profitable this exciting marketplace can be when you make the right decision.

You can also find some of the season-long range of accessories in the future market. Numerous of these will center on gamer analytical achievements, including:

    Overall home runs for Seiya Suzuki are over / under.

  • Total number of times Kyle Hendricks has been struck out.
  • Who will win the NL bowling championship?

You can find accessories for each game by clicking through on the match list. On staff appearances and what will happen to the sport as a whole, you can find props. Many of the most well-liked accessories are based on what specific participants can achieve:

    Total hits plus walks for # 8211 and Patrick Wisdom, over / under 1.5?

  • How many strikeouts will Marcus Stroman have – over/under 6.5?
  • Did Willson Contreras hit a home run – yes or no?

These types of decorations give sports betting a hint of fantasy sports taste, allowing those who have achieved success in that field to use them as an easy starting point. These wagers offer more ways to win in addition to enhancing the satisfaction of the individual events.

How did the Cubs perform the previous year?

In the 2021 season, they went 71 – 91 and fell short of the Playoffs. A clean recover was announced when the Cubs acquired Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo.

group records

Here is the Cubs’ regular-season record for each of the previous ten years:

    2021: 71 – 91( Postponed games )

  • In 2020, they won in the NL wild card round with a score of 34-26.
  • 2019: 84 – 78 (games postponed)
  • In 2018, they had a 95-68 record but lost in the wild card round of the NL.
  • 2017: 92 wins to 70 losses (Eliminated in the National League Championship Series)
  • 2016: 103 – 58 (World Series Winner)
  • 2015: 97 wins – 65 losses (NLCS loss)
  • 2014: 73 wins – 89 losses (Did not qualify for playoffs)
  • 2013: 66 wins – 96 losses (Did not qualify for playoffs)
  • 2012: 61 wins – 101 losses (Did not make it to the playoffs)
  • 2011: 71-91 (Did not make it to the playoffs)

How to view, torrent, and listen to Cubs game

As of 2020, matches are broadcast on the Marquee Sports Network‘s Television. On AM 670 The Score, you can subscribe to their game directly. Fans can even supply the games on MLB with a subscription. Screen. Sinclair Broadcast Group is the owner of Marquee Sports Network, which focuses solely on Cubs sports.

At Wrigley Field, which is on Chicago’s northwest area, there will also be at least 81 opportunities to see the guys in blue. Before traveling to Wrigley Field to watch the game in person, fans can place mobile wagers on games at any Illinois&, online sportsbooks.

DraftKings is selected by Cubs as their standard sports betting partner.

DraftKings Sportsbook IllinoisThe sports betting industry in Illinois is becoming incredibly dynamic. The best technicians are all looking for ways to stand out from the competition, and one of them has just signed a package that may enable them to do so successfully.

DraftKings has been selected by the Cubs to be the team’s first formal and sole sports betting companion. Long-term plans call for WrigleyField to have a branded casino. You can anticipate seeing DraftKings screens throughout the renowned location in the near future.

It’s safe to say that DraftKings will also be present on Cubs’ internet platforms, such as blogs, social media, and radio and TV channels. In several constitutional state, DraftKings has established itself as a leading operator, and the business is well on its approach to doing the same in Illinois.

All over the market, the DraftKings sports gambling game has consistently received high scars. There is a great variety of continuous promotional opportunities, and the life betting feature is excellent. This just signed contract appears to be a win-win situation for the Cubs and DraftKings.

Chicago Cubs’ past

Chicago, one of MLB‘s most illustrious companies, won the World Series in 2016. The Cubs hadn’t won a World Series since 1908 before that point.

    Founded in 1876

  • Amounts Retired: 10, 14, 23, 26, 31, 42
  • Conditions: 145
  • Record: 11,016 – 10,430 = 586
  • Looks for Playoffs: 21
  • Championships: 17.
  • Earth Tournaments: Three
  • The winning manager is CapAnson, with statistics of 1, 282 – 923, (. 579 ).

FAQ for the Chicago Cubs


The Cubs are owned by Tom Ricketts. In 2009, he bought the staff from the Tribune Company.

The Wrigley home owned the Cubs for 65 times prior to the Tribune Company. The group was bought by the Tribune Company in 1981.


Tickets range in price from$ 15 to well over$ 100, but prices vary depending on the game, date, and seat. Typically, top tickets cost hundreds of dollars.

Usually, Cubs bleacher seats cost$ 40.

The Cubs’$ 93 ticket price was the sixth-most cheap in MLB in 2019. The league’s most cheap tickets belonged to the Red Sox.


The Cubs, also known as the &# 8220, lovable losers, and # 8221, famously endured a 100-year plus World Series drought.

But, they stopped that draft in 2016. They have won three World Series overall, in 1907, 1908, and 2016.


The Cubs are one of MLB’s most well-known businesses and the third-largest area in the US, Chicago.

Forbes lists the Cubs as the fourth-most valuable baseball team, worth$ 3.2 billion.

The Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Yankees are in front of them. The San Francisco Giants and New York Mets come after the Cubs.


50 athletes have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, but some didn’t spend the majority of their time with the Cubs.

Ernie Banks, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg, and Ron Santo are among the most notable Cubs to join the Hall of Fame.

Due to his alleged usage of steroids, Sammy Sosa, one of the greatest Cubs of all time, has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame.