What Is First Five Inning Betting?

What Is First Five Inning Betting?

It’s not unusual to witness a completely different turn in MLB games once the bullpen steps in. One of the most popular types of bets is the first five innings bet.

This type of bet allows you to focus on a specific portion of the game, place your bets, and have your bet slip evaluated based on the results of those innings alone. Referred to as the F5 bet, we will explain its mechanism here so you can incorporate it into your baseball betting strategies.

What are first five innings bets?

The option to wager on the first five innings of an MLB game is an extra betting feature available at legal and regulated sportsbooks. This type of bet is typically found by navigating through the specific game listings.

This bet focuses exclusively on the initial five innings of the baseball game. The objective for bettors is to predict which team will be leading at the conclusion of the fifth inning. Any activity in the game post the fifth inning does not influence the outcome of this wager.

A tie is included among its options. Odds will be attached to each choice by sportsbooks in every scenario.

MLB betting odds explained

In order to fully grasp the mechanics of the F5 bet, it is crucial to comprehend how MLB odds operate. You will see a listing that resembles the following for every game on the schedule:

Team Run line Moneyline Total
New York Mets         +1.5 (+110) +135  O 8.0 (-110)
Chicago Cubs -1.5 (-130)        -155   U 8.0 (-110)

In this hypothetical game, the Mets are playing against the Cubs on their home ground. The common MLB bets – run line, moneyline, and totals – are presented alongside the two teams. In our scenario, the odds favor the Cubs on both the run line and moneyline, with an anticipated total of eight runs.

To place a bet, simply click the box that aligns with your choice. This will immediately add it to your bet slip. From there, you just need to enter your bet amount and confirm that all the information is accurate before clicking the submit button.

Odds for MLB F5 bets 

The betting odds for the first five innings operate similarly to a moneyline bet. The lines set by sportsbooks will identify a favored team and an underdog. Close ranges suggest potential tight competitions, while large discrepancies indicate a possible mismatch.

The odds for the first five innings are influenced by the early stages of the game, potentially providing a more noticeable advantage for the big favorites. The initial pitching matchup plays a significant role in these bets, so teams with a top pitcher typically have the odds in their favor.

For instance, imagine a hypothetical scenario where the Los Angeles Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw up for a game against the San Francisco Giants. The Giants have Kevin Gausman ready to start. He’s a robust player, but he’s not quite on the same level as Kershaw. The F5 wager odds for such a game might appear as follows:

San Francisco Giants +190
Los Angeles Dodgers -240

The Dodgers are the preferred team in this scenario. If, however, the Giants manage to take the lead after the first five, the book is prepared to offer a generous payout. Following the initial release, the numbers will adjust based on betting activity.

If more money is placed on San Francisco, the odds could become even tighter. Conversely, a surge of bets on Los Angeles could lead to an even larger difference. As always, you have the option to shop around for the best prices.

For instance, PointsBet might provide -250 for the Dodgers, whereas BetRivers Sportsbook could lower it to -220. A similar effect would be experienced on the Giants’ side, but in the opposite direction.

Shopping on different lines can highlight these slight variations that can accumulate over time.

How do you place a first five innings bet in Illinois?

Betting at online sportsbooks and using betting apps in Illinois is easy. The initial step involves finding and selecting a matchup. By clicking on the specific MLB link at the sportsbook, you will be directed to a betting lobby filled with upcoming games.

The initial listing will typically show odds for the top three bet types, but there’s more available. By clicking on the game listing, you can uncover additional betting opportunities. One such opportunity included in the list is the first five innings bet. The odds for this F5 bet may look something like this:

Boston Red Sox +155
New York Yankees -175

After you’ve made your decision, select the box representing your choice. For instance, if you’re a Yankees fan, you’ll select the box indicating odds of -175. This bet will then be added to your betting slip. Following this, you input the amount you wish to bet, double-check all information for accuracy, and finally, place your bet.

Rules for the first five innings bet

Sportsbooks in Illinois have precise regulations for placing and settling bets. Although many rules are industry standard, there could be exceptions in certain situations. Here’s what you need to understand about betting on the first five innings:

  • Once the game starts, all bets are active.
  • If a game is cancelled or postponed, the bet might be deemed void unless the game is finished within an acceptable timeframe, like within 24 hours.
  • For F5 bets that do not provide an option to wager on a draw, matches that end in a tie after five innings will be deemed a “push”, and all bets will be returned.
  • Official league data is used by sportsbooks to settle bets.

The majority of what you need to be cautious of when F5 betting is covered by these rules. However, anomalies can sometimes occur. Different sportsbooks may have different ways of dealing with these situations, so it’s recommended to always check their specific house rules.

MLB F5 bets vs. moneyline bets

It can be debated that both moneyline bets and first five inning bets have their merits. In some instances, the moneyline might offer more value, while the first five bet can minimize the influence of relievers, for instance.

Conversely, a moneyline bet that appears to be going your way can unexpectedly shift if the bullpen performs poorly. Similarly, an MLB first five innings bet that seems promising can go awry if the ace you’re relying on doesn’t perform well.

To sum it up, there isn’t a definitive answer as to which bet type is superior. Both can be incorporated into an overall MLB handicapping strategy. Therefore, you should consider the advantages of both before placing a bet. In certain scenarios, placing both bets might even be a sensible decision.

Are there any other MLB inning bets to consider?

The F5 bet is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative betting option, however, there are additional Major League Baseball (MLB) offerings available. You may discover markets for different segments of the game in the “More Wagers” category of a book’s game listings, such as:

  • First inning only
  • First three innings
  • First seven innings

Every option has its advantages and disadvantages, and there’s no evidence to imply that one is consistently superior to the other. In scenarios where they’re applicable, wagering on the first or first three innings can be considered a viable choice for teams that are performing well or starting games quickly.

The wager for the first seven innings might be effective when you are certain about the performance of the starters and middle relievers on both teams. Similar to choosing between the F5 and the moneyline, it is important to consider the advantages of each. There may be games where it is logical to place several bets with innings wagers.

MLB first five inning bet examples

The first five innings bet, despite having existed for a while, has recently experienced a surge in popularity. This can be attributed to the rapid expansion of legal sports betting across the US and handicappers’ continuous search for advantages wherever possible.

The idea of the bet is straightforward, but that doesn’t mean the bets are easy to win. Mastering first five innings bets and successfully handicapping them requires practice. We will provide some tips to help you.

Let’s now delve into a few examples to understand how this type of bet functions. Suppose there’s an intriguing AL West match on the schedule and the F5 odds appear as follows:

Houston Astros -125
Oakland Athletics +105

The Astros have a slight edge for the initial five innings. Should you place a bet on them and they maintain a lead till the end of the fifth inning, you triumph. The lead could be as narrow as 3-2 or as wide as 10-1. The margin is irrelevant. Houston bettors secure a win as long as the Astros remain ahead.

The betting odds for this wager are quite tight, which could suggest a potential pitcher’s duel. If the odds range were broader, it would be safe to assume that the bookmakers foresee a lopsided match on the mound, as in this example from a National League West game.

Arizona Diamondbacks +170
San Diego Padres -200

In this scenario, the Padres are heavily favored. Betting on them and being right about a San Diego lead after five innings means you win. However, if Arizona leads after five innings, your bet would be a losing one.

Although the potential return shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your betting decisions, it can undoubtedly affect the attractiveness of F5 bets. A significant favorite might not provide an impressive return, whereas a large underdog might.

When you evaluate a series of games and peruse the F5 options, you can identify those that stand out on both sides and those that are attractive in the middle. Based on this, you can focus on a few contests to select the day’s best F5 options. We will also provide some more tips on game evaluation.

Calculating payouts for first five innings bets

The determination of payouts for bets placed on the first five innings will be based on the odds. There are several methods to calculate this, so let’s begin with a simple mathematical approach. Use the below formulas to estimate returns based on the odds, taking the absolute value in cases where the odds figures are negative:

Negative Odds: Bet Amount / (Odds/100) = Profit
Positive Odds: Bet Amount * (Odds/100) = Profit

There’s also a quick method to calculate possible returns. If the odds are negative, this number indicates the amount you need to bet to earn a $100 profit. For instance, if the odds are -130, this means you need to bet $130 to gain a profit of $100.

When the odds are positive, they also indicate the potential profit on a $100 winning bet. For instance, if the odds for the first five innings side you desire are at +145, you would receive a return of $145 on a winning bet of $100.

Remember, sportsbooks will show you the potential returns of your bets when you input them into the slip and enter your bet amount. You can certainly use this feature to explore different possibilities, but be careful not to accidentally place your bet before you’re fully prepared to do so.

Online handicapping calculators are available for free. They allow you to input your wager amount and the odds to view the potential return.

Handicapping first five innings bets

The rising popularity of betting on the first five innings doesn’t automatically translate to instant wealth. Just like with any form of sports betting, achieving consistency requires practice, patience, and dedication. The following are some guidelines to help you succeed:

  • Thoroughly Examine the Initial Pitcher Matchup: In F5 betting, the initial pitcher matchup is a major determinant. Consequently, it requires extra scrutiny. It’s crucial to delve further than only the statistical data from the entire season. For instance, you should consider recent starts and previous performances against the current opponent.
  • Allocate additional time to consider recent performances: Throughout the extensive MLB season, teams experience highs and lows. Ideally, you should capitalize at the right moment and steer clear of teams poised for a downturn. Evaluating the performance over the most recent three games is a useful way to gauge the situation, especially when determining which batters may be primed for a strong start.
  • Search for Value on the Betting Board: A significant mismatch in the game will be clearly reflected on the betting board. Betting on the favorites will not yield a high return. This doesn’t suggest that you should avoid banking profits whenever possible, but you should also be vigilant for opportunities of better value to potentially enhance your net earnings.

A handicapping plan can potentially lead to long-term success, however, there are other factors to consider. To prevent any major setbacks, remember these three crucial points:

  • Don’t Bet on Every Game: You don’t have to bet F5 on every game in the lineup. In fact, doing so could lead to disaster, especially on an off day. As you review the daily schedule, identify the games you believe are primed for your advantage. Ignore the rest and concentrate your energy on the games that you find most attractive.
  • Maintain a Budget: The primary objective in sports betting is to gain profit. To achieve this, it’s essential to maintain consistency in your strategy, outcomes, and bankroll. You should establish a fixed budget for each F5 bet that you’re comfortable placing. It’s crucial to adhere to this budget and avoid the temptation to increase your stakes prematurely.
  • Overcoming Your Losses: In the realm of sports betting, losses are inevitable. Instead of dwelling on these setbacks or seeking revenge through aggressive betting, strive to accept them and learn from the experiences. If you’re experiencing a prolonged losing streak, it may be worthwhile to reassess your strategy and make necessary adjustments.

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What to remember about first five innings bets

The popularity of the first five innings bet, also known as an F5 bet, is continually growing among MLB bettors. The objective of this bet is to choose the team that will be leading at that stage.

As with any dual-sided wager, odds will be present on both sides of the equation. The numbers listed may fluctuate based on betting activity, but it’s always possible to compare prices across various sportsbooks to find the best deal.

One of the key elements in handicapping the first five innings is the matchup of the starting pitchers. This aspect is appealing as it minimally involves the influence of bullpens on the outcomes.