NFL Primetime Betting

NFL Primetime Betting

Tips on how to bet on Monday night, Thursday night and Sunday night football

Football fans and bettors consider every NFL game as a significant event. Initially, NFL games were only held on Sunday afternoons. However, the advent of Monday Night Football expanded the availability of football on television. This was then followed by the inclusion of Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.

As the season progresses and throughout the playoffs, there are even some games scheduled on Saturdays. This means that NFL fans have a wealth of viewing options. But for those who bet on games, are there any particular details you should be aware of for different parts of the schedule?

We will explore the factors that may impact NFL odds, highlight betting specials to keep an eye on, and provide tips for betting on specific game days. We’ll start with the Monday Night Football, a renowned broadcasting institution.

NFL Monday Night Football betting

The climax of a bustling week of NFL regular-season activity is Monday Night Football (MNF). For a long time, it was the sole primetime football game available. Even with the introduction of Thursday and Sunday night football, MNF continues to occupy a significant spot in the sports scene and draws a great deal of NFL betting action each week.

History of Monday Night Football

On September 21, 1970, NFL Monday Night Football was launched and instantly became a success. In a game brimming with highlights, the Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Jets with a score of 31-21. Over the past five decades, the highlight reel of MNF has significantly expanded.

The inaugural edition attracted significant interest, a trend that has remained consistent in the following seasons. As the final game in the weekly NFL schedule and the last opportunity for bettors to participate until the next series, betting enthusiasm is usually extremely high.

NFL Monday Night Football odds

The gambling lines for Monday Night Football (MNF) games will be released simultaneously with the odds for other games of the week. Typically, as the Sunday games are coming to an end, some sportsbooks start to release lines for the games of the following week.

While you might observe numbers everywhere no later than Tuesday, other operators may not be fully prepared until Monday morning. Some bettors prefer to place their bets immediately, while others opt for a more patient, observational strategy.

Betting lines for NFL games can shift based on betting activity or last-minute information. With extended time available prior to the Monday night matches, anticipate fluctuations in the numbers, potentially even up to the point of kickoff.

Handicapping tips for Monday Night Football

Analyzing NFL games remains consistent regardless of the game time. It involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, understanding the overall matchup, being well-informed about sports betting odds and news, and ultimately, reaching an impartial conclusion.

However, you should also be seeking specific information for Monday Night Football games:

  • Home-Field Advantage: Some NFL teams exhibit a more significant home-field advantage compared to others, which can intensify during primetime games. It’s beneficial to examine home/away splits regardless. Teams with impressive records on their home turf going into a Monday Night Football game could potentially have a successful evening.
  • Primetime Game Performance: NFL teams are habit-oriented, hence unexpected primetime games may disrupt their rhythm. While well-coached teams often manage to overcome this, teams that are struggling may find it challenging. It’s important to examine the team’s past performances in evening games.
  • Schedule/Travel Analysis: It’s important to evaluate the recent schedule and travel history of both teams. Teams that have been playing at home could potentially be more rested, whereas those who have been traveling extensively may be eager to leave. Additionally, make sure to take note of upcoming travel plans to better understand the team’s overall mentality.

As Monday Night Football is the sole NFL game of the day, anticipate extensive coverage and analysis on potential outcomes. While it’s completely acceptable to value others’ opinions, don’t forget to rely on your own instincts and research.

NFL MNF betting specials

Every NFL match attracts a large audience to online and mobile sportsbooks. Monday Night Football, being one of the highlight games of the week, consistently draws significant sports betting activity. However, this doesn’t imply that operators will hold back on promotions.

Throughout the season, anticipate numerous Monday Night Football betting specials. For instance, DraftKings in Illinois may provide an odds boost on the favored side, whereas FanDuel could present enhanced odds on assorted player props.

Leveraging promotional offers can increase your returns and augment your bankroll. The prime places to locate MNF betting specials include the sportsbook lobby, the dedicated promo tab or in promotional emails sent by the operator.

How to watch NFL Monday Night Football

ESPN has been the broadcasting platform for Monday Night Football since 2006. Before this, ABC was the broadcast holder from the start of the program. Despite the shift in channel, the game continues to be a television staple.

Except for the first week, Monday Night Football usually begins at 7:15 p.m. CST. During the opening week, there’s typically a MNF doubleheader, with the initial game starting after 6 p.m. and the second one approximately at 9 p.m.

The new MNF announce team includes Steve Levy for play-by-play, with Brian Griese and Louis Riddick providing analysis. ESPN, which is available on many cable, satellite and streaming packages, broadcasts the games. Additionally, you can stream primetime games on the NFL app.

NFL Thursday Night Football betting

In the past, the only opportunity to watch an NFL game on a Thursday was on Thanksgiving Day. While this tradition continues to thrive, it’s no longer the only occurrence. Thursday Night Football (TNF) has become a regular part of the NFL schedule. It starts the regular season’s betting and viewing week, drawing significant attention. Let’s explore further.

History of Thursday Night Football

Prior to the introduction of Thursday Night Football (TNF) in 2006, NFL games outside of Thanksgiving Day during the week were a rarity. However, this changed with the debut of TNF. In 2012, TNF expanded its run to cover almost the entire season and has maintained this schedule ever since. Now, TNF serves as the official start to the NFL week during the regular season and has become an integral part of the NFL schedule.

Betting on NFL Thanksgiving games

The tradition of NFL games on Thanksgiving Day dates back to the league’s establishment in 1920. The Detroit Lions started hosting a home game on this holiday in 1934.

The Dallas Cowboys initiated a Thanksgiving tradition in 1966 that continues to thrive today. For many years, these were the only two games played on Thanksgiving Day. However, this changed in 2006 when Thursday Night Football became a regular event.

A primetime event is now being held on the holiday, typically featuring a marquee contest, but without any fixed teams involved. Thanksgiving Day has perpetually drawn significant viewership and betting involvement. The addition of a third game has only further amplified its growth.

Handicapping tips for Thursday Night Football

The best way to approach NFL game handicapping could be consistent, regardless of the time of day or the teams playing. However, certain factors might impact the decision-making process for Thursday Night Football bettors.

  • Injuries: Key injuries can significantly affect any NFL game, so it’s crucial to monitor who will be participating or sitting out in the Thursday Night Football (TNF). Particularly for teams that have just played the previous Sunday, consider whether some players might still be nursing injuries.
  • Coaching: The top performing teams in the NFL usually boast a strong head coach and exceptional staff. Not only does this make a significant difference in the long run, but it can also influence gameplay in brief periods. A shortened preparation week is no problem for well-prepared coaches, whereas unprepared ones could potentially steer the team into difficulties.
  • Summarized Situation: The NFL season is extensive, hence teams will experience ups and downs. Teams that are doing well might see Thursday Night Football as just another task, whereas teams that are not doing well might find it challenging to perform after a short week. When analyzing, take into account recent performance and team mood as crucial elements.

Every NFL game should be considered a unique event, however, one can rely on recent historical performance during primetime games. Additionally, it’s beneficial to examine team records on betting metrics like spread and totals for primetime matches.

NFL Thursday Night Football betting specials

For those handicappers whose focus is the NFL, Thursday Night Football (TNF) signifies the start of another thrilling week. Given that the game is also a primetime event on nationwide TV, a large number of casual viewers will also be interested in participating.

Operators will strive to generate even more enthusiasm by providing special promotions related to the game. For instance, BetMGM Sportsbook in Illinois might experiment with the moneyline odds on both sides, while PointsBet could provide an attractive odds boost on quarterback passing yards.

How to watch NFL Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football, unlike Monday Night Football which is exclusively on one channel, can be viewed on different channels throughout the season. In the first week of the regular season, Thursday Night Football has the privilege of hosting the season’s opening game.

NBC manages the broadcast coverage, particularly for the Thanksgiving night edition. The rest of the TNF schedule is covered by NFL Network and FOX. There are also several games that are exclusively managed by NFL Network.

The remaining TNF schedule will be broadcasted simultaneously in both locations. Amazon Prime also offers a streaming option outside of the game’s main outlet. The game will commence at 7:20 p.m. CST.

NFL Saturday football betting

Traditionally, college football takes center stage on Saturdays, a tradition that the NFL has always acknowledged by scheduling its games accordingly. However, once the regular season of NCAA football concludes, the early part of the weekend is up for grabs. This has implications for both NFL viewership and betting. Here are the specifics.

Does the NFL play on Saturday?

As the NFL season draws to a close, there may be some games scheduled for Saturdays. During the initial months of the regular season, college football, NCAAF, is in full swing with the bulk of games taking place on Saturdays.

When college football transitions into the college bowl season, the NFL gains more leeway with Saturday schedules. The number of games on Saturdays isn’t fixed, unlike other broadcast windows.

For instance, the NFL scheduled two Saturdays of action in 2017 and 2018, each consisting of two games. In 2019, a single day saw a triple-header of games, offering a reliable late-season delight. In 2020, Week 15 had two games, and Week 16 had three.

History of NFL Saturday football

Unlike Monday Night Football (MNF) and Thursday Night Football (TNF), Saturday NFL games are not regularly scheduled, resulting in less historical data. Over the past few seasons, only a few games have occurred on Saturdays. An analysis of the statistics from the past four seasons of NFL Saturday games yielded the following information:

  • Sixteen games were played.
  • Visiting teams have a slight advantage with a 7-9 record.
  • The average victory margin being over 7 points indicated several compelling wins.
  • Games on Saturdays have had a lower scoring average, with total points averaging at 42.37.

Given that games scheduled for Saturdays will take place in the later part of the season, we have a substantial amount of data for handicapping purposes. Moreover, by this stage, it is typically clear which teams are genuinely competitive.

Handicapping tips for NFL Saturday football

Standard betting rules apply for NFL Saturday games and odds will be released significantly before the games. Your goal is to identify potential vulnerabilities on both sides and monitor any changes in the betting line, among other things. Consider the following tips:

  • Team Trajectory: Given that Saturday games occur during the crucial period of the season, we’ll be able to identify which teams are genuinely battling for playoff positions. Teams on a potential winning streak could use the weekend as a platform to assert their dominance, while those maneuvering for a better draft position might underperform yet again.
  • Weather: For NFL games held outdoors towards the end of the season, weather conditions can influence the match. Cold temperatures, rain or snow, and strong winds can interfere with the game. Teams accustomed to playing in such conditions might perform well, while teams from warmer climates or those that usually play in domed stadiums may be more negatively affected.
  • Betting Trends: The NFL season is lengthy and the data accumulated over the year can be extremely helpful. However, recent trends, like performances over the last three or five games, also hold significant importance. Besides the overall performance, take into account how the teams have been doing against the spread and with totals.

Adding Saturday games into the equation broadens the betting opportunities even more. Take for instance, the 2019 triple-header which offered a great chance for a three-team, all-day parlay. Although bets like these can be risky, they offer substantial rewards if they pay off.

NFL Saturday football betting specials

Promotional offerings are a consistent feature of the sports betting options for each NFL broadcast window, including Saturday games. For instance, Illinois-based BetRivers or Caesars could organize a special offering for the aforementioned all-day parlay.

Regardless of when you intend to place a bet on the NFL, it’s advisable to review the most recent offers at Illinois sportsbooks. You never can predict when you might stumble upon a deal that perfectly suits your needs.

How to watch NFL Saturday football

The TV stations that broadcast Saturday games may change, but they can typically be found on CBS, FOX, NBC, or NFL Network. In 2019, all three Saturday NFL games were aired on the NFL Network.

NFL Sunday football betting on early games vs. late games

Sunday is the ultimate day of the week for NFL fans and handicappers, with three separate broadcast periods providing continuous games from the initial kickoff until later in the day. These games are then concluded by a unique primetime game on Sunday Night Football.

NFL early Sunday game betting

The core of the NFL schedule takes place Sunday afternoon, with games starting at noon CST. In past seasons, there have occasionally been games from London that have commenced in the morning.

Most of the games this week will occur during the early timeframe, resulting in more than three hours of thrilling activity with numerous contests taking place.

NFL late Sunday game betting

The later portion of the Sunday schedule commences just after 3 p.m. CST. During this time slot, the pace of action tends to slow down, but there are always a minimum of two games occurring simultaneously, and occasionally four or more. The late games usually conclude before 7 p.m. For dedicated fans who stay tuned throughout the day, that equates to seven hours of live football — and the day is not over yet.

History of Sunday Night Football

Since 1987, Sunday Night Football (SNF) has been a consistent feature of the NFL schedule. Although the number of games and the broadcast outlet have varied over the years, SNF is now a weekly fixture of the regular-season calendar.

The game has been broadcast on NBC since 2006. As one of the week’s highlight matches, the schedule is carefully crafted to ensure a high-quality matchup for this time slot. Flex scheduling also provides options as the season progresses. During this period, the following teams have made the most appearances on Sunday Night Football:

  • Dallas Cowboys: 49 wins, 24-25 losses, .490 win percentage
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 41: 20-21, .488.
  • New England Patriots: 40 wins, 24 losses, 16 ties, .600 win percentage.

The following teams have made a few appearances on SNF meanwhile:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars – 2: Their record is 1-1, with a .500 winning percentage.
  • Miami Dolphins – 3: Their record is 0-3, with a .000 winning percentage.
  • Buffalo Bills: 4 games played, 3 wins, 1 loss, .750 winning percentage.
  • Cleveland Browns – 4: They have a 2-2 record, with a .500 winning percentage.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4 games played, 2 won, 2 lost, .500 win percentage.

Handicapping tips for NFL Sunday football

Most NFL games take place on Sundays every week. Analyzing each game in detail can be quite time-consuming, but a simple review of each can help identify the most enticing matchups. Here are some additional suggestions for betting on NFL Sundays:

  • Time Zone: This can significantly influence the Sunday afternoon schedule. Key considerations include West Coast teams travelling east for an early kick-off or East Coast teams heading west for a late-night match. The time difference could potentially affect the team’s preparations and the overall game progression.
  • Momentum: After a few weeks into the regular season, we can acquire a good understanding of the teams’ performances and trends. At this stage, it’s crucial to discard preseason expectations. As a general principle, once three weeks have passed, it’s advisable to focus more on the current situation.
  • Rewording: As the season progresses, it’s crucial to understand that year-to-date performance, while important, doesn’t paint the full picture. Teams can experience highs and lows, hence it’s essential to analyze their performance based on the crucial metrics from the most recent games.

As a fresh NFL season dawns, it’s beneficial to establish a comprehensive betting strategy, inclusive of a weekly budget. There’s never a necessity to gamble beyond your comfort zone. Remember, you can always escalate your play level when outcomes warrant it.

NFL Sunday betting specials

NFL Sundays generate a lot of sports betting activity for legal and regulated sportsbooks. These operators also often provide numerous betting specials to further entice bettors.

Expect to encounter enhanced odds, unique props, parlay chances and so much more. There will be an abundance of offers for you to enjoy on NFL Sundays all season long. So, make sure to keep tabs on the newest deals from your preferred sportsbooks.

How to watch NFL Sunday football

The NFL has arranged broadcast partnerships for each of its viewing windows, ensuring that each set of games can be found at the same locations. CBS and FOX manage the Sunday afternoon schedule. The comprehensive Sunday Ticket package is covered by DirecTV. Meanwhile, RedZone offers “Whiparound Coverage.”

Sunday Night Football is available on NBC. All three broadcast networks are easily located on the guide, although availability can differ with cord-cutting options. A subscription is necessary for DirecTV, and RedZone is an additional feature offered by cable, satellite, and streaming providers.

Additional streaming options are typically provided by the outlet covering the game, either on their website or through their app. However, you may need to provide login details from your service provider. Yahoo and the NFL app also offer streaming for local and primetime games.

Betting on NFL night games vs. day games

The primary distinction between day and night games hinges on the different team performances. Some teams excel under the night lights, while others struggle.

When it comes to handicapping, it’s more beneficial to rely on recent primetime performance rather than the team’s entire history. A useful guideline to follow is to consider the last three years of primetime performance in the big three categories: moneyline, point spread, and totals.

In addition, you should take into account aspects such as travel, scheduling injuries, and any other significant news that could potentially affect the match. You can analyze all the games in the usual way, but the unique conditions mentioned earlier should be taken into consideration when it comes to night games.

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NFL schedule-based betting strategy

The NFL reigns supreme at the betting window. The appeal is only heightened by the limited number of games each week, which also provides the advantage of additional time for handicapping.

We’ve already covered multiple tips that you can apply to each schedule window, but here are a few more to remember as you strive for a successful NFL betting season:

  • Plan Ahead: Those relying on chance may occasionally achieve a good score, but those with a definite plan can set themselves up for long-term success. As you look at the weekly schedule, identify the games where you see a potential advantage and avoid the others. This selective approach can also be applied to NFL props and live betting to focus on potentially the most lucrative opportunities.
  • Monitoring Outcomes: You could be on the right path if your withdrawals surpass your deposits. But to truly comprehend your progress, it’s crucial to monitor your outcomes according to the type of bet. This will highlight the strengths of your strategy and areas that require improvement. Furthermore, monitor your outcomes for each segment of the schedule to identify any specific strengths or weaknesses in your overall approach.
  • Understand What Suits You: The enduring advantage of monitoring outcomes is that it helps you understand what suits you best, your approach, and your available time and resources. Once you’ve got that sorted, maintain what’s effective as the backbone of your betting strategy. You can allocate a lesser proportion of funds to enhance your performance in other areas. However, your primary concentration should be on the areas where you reap the most success.

Assuming you have an imaginary budget of $180 for betting on the NFL on a weekly basis, you could distribute it as follows:

  • $100 for sides and props on Sunday afternoon
  • $60 for Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football sides and props.
  • Place a live bet of $20 on the game you are most focused on for the week.

By adhering to a budget, formulating a plan, and enhancing your skills, you are setting yourself up for a potentially profitable NFL season.