PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois Promo Code | $250 Bonus

PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois Promo Code | $250 Bonus

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Second Chance BetsSecond Chance Bets$250Up to $250

PointsBet Sportsbook is introducing a new sign-up bonus specifically for Illinois sports bettors. By registering with PointsBet Illinois and making your first deposit, you will receive five second-chance bets, each valued at up to $50. This makes the total value of the PointsBet Illinois welcome bonus a substantial $250. This offer makes registering with PointsBet Illinois extremely beneficial.

Continue perusing the PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois betting guide to learn more about PointsBet. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be aware of whether:

  • PointsBet surpasses other sportsbooks within the state.
  • If PointsBet seems like a suitable platform for your sports betting
  • You possess all the necessary requirements to register with PointsBet.
  • PointsBet provides convenient ways to both deposit and withdraw funds.

Start by using that generous PointsBet sign-up bonus offer. We’re here to answer a ton of other questions you may have.

Why Choose PointsBet Sportsbook?
  • Welcome Bonus: Second chance bets valued at $250
  • Sports betting is legal in Illinois.
  • Mobile apps for easy betting on Apple and Android.
  • Numerous extra promotions, including “PointsBetting,” are available.
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pointsbet sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois bonus

Signing up for a new account with PointsBet is made worthwhile by its welcome bonus, valued up to $250.

Just start the registration process on PointsBet online and then proceed with the following steps:

  • Deposit money into your account.
  • Next, your first daily non-PointsBetting wager will be insured for up to $50.
  • Should any of these five bets result in a loss, PointsBet Illinois will reimburse you with a betting credit up to the daily maximum of $50.
  • The credit from the bet can be split up to four ways. It will expire exactly seven days after it is deposited into your account.
  • Only cash wagers qualify.

We highly recommend the PointsBet Illinois welcome bonus. While second-chance bets are usually offered, getting five of them is quite uncommon. We appreciate that the betting credits you receive when you lose can be split into two, three, or four parts. You don’t need a PointsBet Illinois promo code when you register via our links.

PointsBet promo code May 2023

PointsBet Illinois Promo Code Click to claim promo
Total Sign-Up Bonus Up to $250
Bonus Details • Five second chance bets
• One per day, up to $50 each day
• Refund issued as a bet credit
Online Since 2020
Last Updated May 2023

Sign up for an account at PointsBet Illinois Sportsbook

When setting up your PointsBet Illinois account, the process requires a few additional details compared to a typical social media site registration. Despite this, the process remains relatively quick and straightforward. It’s important to note that a PointsBet promo code is not necessary to receive a $250 welcome bonus. Here’s a breakdown of the information you need to provide:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number

Regardless of using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, you must enable your geolocation. This is because sports betting is only accessible in certain states, and the sites need to confirm that you are located in Illinois.

Also, keep this in mind while traveling: signing up for a sports betting account in Illinois doesn’t grant you the liberty to bet outside its state lines. Hence, it’s advisable to place all your bets prior to traveling to a state where sports betting isn’t legal.

Other PointsBet promotions and bonus offers

Besides the sign-up bonus offers from PointsBet, there are also other specials and promotions available for sports bettors. Here are a few examples:

  • Parlay Booster: Customize your three-leg or more parlays. All markets are valid, providing an opportunity to increase your earnings.
  • Get a personalized bet: Tweet your unique market suggestion to @PointsBetUSA using #nameabet, and PointsBet will provide you with a price.
  • Boosted Odds Daily: Visit the app every day to find increased odds across the world of sports betting.

On PointsBets, you can accumulate rewards points with each bet you place. For every $5 fixed odds bet, $1 parlay bet, and every $1 won or lost through “PointsBetting”, you earn a point.

What is PointsBetting?

“PointsBetting” transforms standard bets like the spread, over/under, or a prop bet, so that your possible gains or losses are not predetermined, instead they can fluctuate until the game concludes.

The fundamental concept of “PointsBetting” is that the extent of your correctness or error directly influences your rewards or penalties. To better understand this, let’s illustrate with an example.

Suppose you place a $1 bet on the Chicago Bears to win as 7-point favorites. If they win by 14 points, they exceed the spread by 7 points, giving you a profit of $7, seven times your initial $1 bet. However, if the Bears only win by 1 point on the same bet, you’d lose $6 as they missed the spread by 6 points.

Each betting market has a distinct multiplier cap because of the specific market’s volatility. The cap for wins and losses in some markets can reach up to 250x, while in others, it can be as low as 10x.

Because of the uncertainty of potential losses with PointsBetting, a portion of your balance will be retained when you have PointsBetting bets active. The sportsbook will consistently display the “withheld balance”, “maximum win level”, and “maximum loss level” of a wager before you confirm your PointsBetting bet.

Additionally, you can opt for customized caps on your “PointsBetting” bets. These limits help to curb excessive losses, but they also restrict your potential winnings.

Remember, upon registering with PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois here, you will receive five second-chance bets valued up to $250. However, PointsBetting stakes are not included. No need to enter a PointsBet promotional code.

PointsBet online sportsbook features

PointsBet, which started its sports betting operations in Australia in 2017, is relatively new in the industry. The company has expanded into the US, with Illinois being the fourth state to have a PointsBet Sportsbook, following New Jersey, Iowa, and Indiana. Soon, it will also launch in Colorado and Michigan.

Although PointsBet is a newcomer in the market, it provides numerous benefits to its customers. Let’s explore some of the top advantages:

  • PointsBetting: A unique feature of PointsBet is a system known as “PointsBetting”. This system enables bettors to place bets where their winnings or losses are determined by the accuracy of their specific bets.
  • Promotions: PointsBet offers daily odds boosts as well as numerous promotions throughout the year, tailored to coincide with various sports events.
  • Parlay Booster: PointsBet gives players the opportunity to enhance their chosen parlays, provided they consist of three legs or more. This equates to higher winnings if you succeed.
  • PointsBet takes pride in its fast sportsbook, which is crucial for making bets before a game starts or odds alter. The platform is also user-friendly, offering easy navigation. This is a huge advantage when you’re trying to place a bet quickly.
  • Customer Service: Should you face any issues, feel free to email or engage in a live chat with one of our customer service representatives. You can also contact PointsBet through its social media platforms for assistance or inquiries.

PointsBet sports betting app

Should you register online, you may want to download the PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The PointsBet app, which is free and compatible with both iOS and Android devices, can be downloaded by following the instructions provided on the PointsBet homepage.

After downloading the app, log in using your account details and you’ll be ready to go. Spend some time getting acquainted with the app’s layout to understand where everything is located and learn how to place bets and make deposits as needed.

Having the PointsBet online sportsbook app on your phone is excellent because it ensures that you always have a live sportsbook at your fingertips. This allows you to conveniently check everything from game times to betting lines and place bets whenever you want.

Best features of the PointsBet sportsbook app

We understand that many of you are primarily interested in what PointsBet sportsbook app excels at. Therefore, we’ve laid out our top three favorite features of PointsBet in this section, despite having discussed multiple aspects of it.

  • PointsBetting: It’s impossible to enumerate our favorite features of PointsBet without mentioning PointsBetting. This unique betting option is irresistible. While some bettors may be deterred by the variables involved in PointsBetting, others find it exhilarating. We appreciate the fact that the accuracy of your bet determines your reward (or penalty). Furthermore, PointsBet is always transparent about the potential gains or losses from PointsBetting wagers, eliminating any end-game surprises.
  • While it’s predicted that Same-Game Parlays (SGPs) will soon be a feature at most sportsbooks, many currently do not offer them. At present, the only sportsbook in the state where we’ve had the ability to place SGPs is FanDuel. These SGPs are great for those who wish to bet on the moneyline, spread, and over/under for a single game or combine several props for one game. They are particularly enjoyable on Monday and Thursday nights in the NFL when there’s only one game being played. Although PointsBet currently only provides SGPs for the NFL, we anticipate they will soon be available for other sports as well.
  • Promotions and Rewards: PointsBet consistently offers a wide range of promotions, along with a rewards program that lets players accumulate bet credits. The loyalty scheme works as follows: Players earn a point for every $5 bet on standard odds, one point for every $1 bet on parlays, and one point for every dollar won or lost with PointsBetting. Once 100 points are accumulated, players receive $1 in bet credits. As for the promotions, we’ve already discussed some earlier, but the PointsBet promotions page is packed with numerous offers from this Illinois sportsbook. We’re certainly impressed with these plentiful offers.

How could PointsBet Sportsbook improve?

PointsBet excels in many areas, but we believe there are certain aspects where the Illinois sportsbook could make improvements. Therefore, we have identified three areas where we feel PointsBet Sportsbook in Illinois could enhance their performance moving forward.

  • Enhancing the Odds: PointsBet lags behind some of its rivals in this crucial area. For instance, when we compared the moneyline odds offered by PointsBet for Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season with those of Fox Bet, FanDuel, BetMGM Sports, and DraftKings, PointsBet fell short. While the other four sportsbooks either offered the best odds or were tied for the best odds on at least four games, PointsBet only managed to achieve this for two games. Notably, PointsBet’s odds were not far off from the competition, but even a slight difference can translate to significant losses, particularly for those placing large bets.
  • The PointsBet app’s color scheme: While the black and red theme of PointsBet is largely a matter of personal preference, it can seem overpowering to some users. Most apps offer the flexibility of toggling between light and dark modes to suit individual user preferences. It would be beneficial if PointsBet could incorporate this feature in the future, especially for users who find the current dark theme unappealing.
  • Betting Options Reduction: Yes, it may sound odd to criticize a sportsbook for offering too many betting options. However, for beginners in sports betting, the plethora of choices in the PointsBet online sportsbook can be overwhelming. For instance, during baseball games, you can try PointsBetting with batter vs. pitcher matchups, where scoring varies from 50 points for a homer to 10 for a single or a walk. The bet then multiplies based on the accuracy of your prediction. The same multiplication applies to bets on total goal minutes during soccer matches, where you sum up the minutes of each goal to get the total. We suggest an option to disable PointsBetting for those who find it unsuitable.

Sports betting types available at PointsBet

One of the top benefits of sports betting is the vast array of choices it provides for betting. Let’s explore the most commonly preferred bet types available at PointsBet in Illinois.

  • Moneyline refers to merely selecting the winner of any particular competition. Negative odds represent favorites, while positive odds signify underdogs.
  • Rewrite: Point Spread: Sportsbooks establish spreads on matches, signifying either the required winning margin for the favorite or the closeness the underdog must maintain to ensure your bet wins. If your chosen team covers the spread, you’re a winner.
  • Over/Unders: Typically a wager on if the game’s point total will exceed or fall short of the figure provided by the sportsbook. Over/unders can also apply to player statistic totals.
  • Props: These are side bets predicting if a certain event will happen during a game. For instance, betting on a player to achieve a triple double in an NBA game or hit a home run in an MLB game are examples of prop bets.
  • Live Betting: Even if a game has already started, it doesn’t mean you can’t place bets on it. Live sports betting is exactly as it sounds, enabling you to place bets on games that are already in progress. The odds will vary throughout the game.
  • Futures: This involves wagering on future events. Typically, this pertains to selecting a winner of a championship or predicting which players will secure individual accolades such as the MVP or Cy Young.
  • Parlays: Parlays involve consolidating multiple bets into a single wager. To win, each individual bet within the parlay must be successful. If even one fails, you lose. The more components or ‘legs’ your parlay has, the higher your winnings will be if your bet is correct.
  • Round Robins: Comparable to parlays, round robins permit numerous combinations on a single wager. In essence, round robins give you the leeway to get one of your predictions wrong. They’re simpler to predict correctly, however, the potential profits are lower than parlays.
  • Teasers: In betting, teasers are predominantly found in football and basketball games. They allow bettors to shift the spread either up or down across multiple games. The odds will subsequently be modified based on the direction in which the line is moved.
  • PointsBetting, exclusive to PointsBet, enables bettors to earn profits based on the accuracy of their bets. However, the same principle also means that bettors can incur larger losses if their bets are significantly off the mark.

Sports you can bet on at PointsBet in Illinois

PointsBets welcomes bets on a vast range of sports. This includes all major American professional and collegiate sports, international soccer, auto racing, and more niche sports such as cricket, darts, and rugby. Here’s the comprehensive list:

Illinois sports team betting guide

Having the ability to legally place bets on your favorite local Illinois teams is a major perk of sports betting in the state. You’re probably well-versed in teams like the Blackhawks, Cubs, and White Sox, and there’s nothing more rewarding than earning money while watching your favorite team secure a victory. In light of this, let’s take a look at all the Illinois teams you can wager on at PointsBet.

  • Place bets on Chicago Cubs games, futures, props, and live betting for the entire MLB.
  • Place bets on Chicago White Sox games, along with futures, props, and live betting for the entire MLB.
  • The Chicago Bulls offer betting on their own games as well as futures, props, and live betting for all NBA games.
  • Place bets on Chicago Bears games, as well as futures, props, and live betting for all of the NFL.
  • Place bets on Chicago Blackhawks games, including futures, props, and live betting, as well as all other NHL games.
  • Chicago Sky offers betting on its own games, along with futures, props, and live betting for all WNBA games.
  • Place bets on Chicago Fire games, as well as futures, props, and live betting for all of MLS.

Regrettably, you cannot place bets on in-state college teams, however, betting on general college sports is permissible.

Keep in mind, even if the sports don’t occur within the state, it doesn’t restrict you from placing bets on them. A variety of individual sports like auto racing, UFC, and golf are also open for betting. PointsBet offers a wide range of options for you to wager on.

PointsBet Illinois futures market

If you enjoy playing the long game or have strong instincts about a team or season’s performance, futures betting could be an ideal choice. The futures market offers a variety of options, especially with our local professional teams in Illinois. Here’s what PointsBet has to offer:

  • Futures betting for the Chicago Cubs: Place bets on the Cubs to secure a win in the World Series, the National League pennant or the NL Central. From the next season, you are also offered the opportunity to bet on regular season win totals.
  • Betting on Chicago White Sox futures: Place a bet on the White Sox to secure a victory in the World Series, the American League pennant, or the AL Central. From next season, you can also bet on the total wins for the regular season.
  • Futures betting on the Chicago Bulls: Place your bets on the Bulls clinching the NBA Finals, securing the Eastern Conference title, or winning the Central Division title in the upcoming season. You can also bet on the total number of regular season wins and future NBA draft picks.
  • Futures betting on Chicago Sky: Wager on the Sky to clinify the WNBA championship this season.
  • Futures betting on the Chicago Bears: Place your bets on the Bears securing a Super Bowl victory, an NFC or NFC North Division title. Also, place wagers on the total number of wins in the regular season, who will bag awards like MVP and Coach of the Year, and which player will top the league in various statistical categories.
  • Place your bets on the future success of the Chicago Blackhawks. You can wager on them winning the next Stanley Cup, the Western Conference, or the Central Division title. Don’t forget to also bet on their regular season win and point totals.
  • PointsBet currently does not offer futures betting for MLS, specifically for the Chicago Fire.

Banking options at PointsBet sports betting

Currently, PointsBet provides the following methods to deposit money into your account, requiring a minimum deposit of $10:

  • Bank ACH/e-check
  • Credit card from Visa or Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • You can visit us in person at Hawthorne Race Course or at any of our 10 off-track betting (OTB) locations.

PointsBet Racebook

PointsBet has acquired BetPTC.com and its parent company, Premier Turf Club, LLC, after over a decade of their service in the horse betting industry. The horse betting platform, currently operating in 18 US states, will soon undergo a rebranding to PointsBet Racebook.

Once PointsBet Racebook becomes operational, potential players could be eligible for a $200 sign-up bonus. However, to qualify for this $200 incentive, they need to place bets totaling $750 or more.

The PointsBet Racebook will probably keep providing other promotional rewards, like a 4% return on all exotic bets. We will keep track of any new developments regarding the launch of PointsBet Racebook and share new details with you once it’s live.

PointsBet customer support

The online chat of PointsBet is accessible 24/7. Alternatively, you can reach out to customer support through email. You may also choose to contact them via their Twitter account, however, the most effective ways for immediate issues are the first two methods.

Is PointsBet Sportsbook legal in Illinois?

Indeed, in June 2019, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed the Sports Wagering Act into law. This permitted sports betting both in-store and online within the state.

In March 2020, the inaugural legal sports bet in Illinois took place at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. Shortly after, online sportsbooks also began operations. Later in the same year, PointsBet was launched and is now fully licensed and regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board.

Responsible gambling at PointsBet Illinois

Though PointsBet operates as a sports betting company, it still prioritizes safe and responsible gambling. This commitment is evident in a statement found on its website:

Gambling is an exhilarating and enjoyable pastime for many, but for some, it can lead to disastrous effects on their personal lives and those around them. At PointsBet, our aim is for you to derive pleasure from your gambling experiences. We strive to assist you in managing your gambling habits effectively, ensuring they don’t overpower your life.

From that point, it provides resources to determine if you’re struggling with a gambling issue and the steps to take if you are, including instructions on how to close your account. Additionally, it allows you to establish boundaries on your account to control your betting frequency and amount.

Where is the PointsBet retail sportsbook?

The retail sportsbook of PointsBet is located at Hawthorne Race Course, in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago.

  • Location: 3501 South Laramie Avenue, Cicero, Illinois 60804
  • Phone: 708-780-3700
  • Website: www.hawthorneracecourse.com

You can also place bets at all of Hawthorne’s OTB locations.

Is PointsBet the best sportsbook in Illinois?

Clearly, determining the best sportsbook in Illinois is not straightforward. We are not only in the early phases of sports betting in the state, but PointsBet is also in its infancy as a sports betting company.

Keep a close eye on PointsBet for superior odds and top-tier promotions. In terms of speed and site navigation, PointsBet is considered one of the best, if not the best in its class.

Considering its unique “PointsBetting” feature and fast-paced expansion plan in the US, including establishing a base in Colorado, it is logical to predict that it could be one of the leading sportsbooks in Illinois for the foreseeable future.

PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois FAQ

You don’t need a PointsBet bonus code to claim the $250 welcome bonus. By signing up with PointsBet Illinois, you’ll get five second-chance bets, each worth up to $50. If any of your cash bets don’t win, PointsBet will refund you with bet credits. The full terms and conditions are listed in the PointsBet welcome bonus section above.

PointsBet Illinois offers three methods for online payouts: online banking, PayPal, and ACH/e-check. Additionally, you can choose to withdraw cash at three physical retail locations in Chicago – Club Hawthorne Crestwood, Club Hawthorne Prospect Heights, and Hawthorne Race Course.

You don’t necessarily need the app; you can access the same sports and leagues through the desktop or mobile-optimized websites. If you prefer to use the app, you can easily download the Apple or Android versions from the PointsBet homepage.

PointsBet offers a promotion known as a parlay boost. Additionally, it provides an early cash-out option which can be found on your bet slip, situated at the bottom right corner of any wager that is eligible.

Yes, to legally place bets at PointsBet or any other online sportsbook in Illinois, you must be within state lines.

Indeed, PointsBet allows you to place bets on college sports. However, if your interest is in wagering on a college team from Illinois, you are required to place your bet in person. Furthermore, you are only permitted to bet on outcomes related to the team as a whole, not on individual players.