Soccer Betting Odds in Illinois

Soccer Betting Odds in Illinois

How to bet, top apps and latest odds

Many sports are experiencing an increase in popularity currently, but soccer is notably continuing to garner more fans in the US.

Now that sports betting is legal and safe in Illinois, it’s likely that soccer’s following will grow. One of the best things about betting on soccer is that there’s always something happening to bet on.

Numerous international competitions are continually happening. You can concentrate on premier tournaments like the MLS and the English Premier League. You can also anticipate major events such as the upcoming UEFA Euro competition or the World Cup.

Our comprehensive guide to soccer betting in Illinois provides all the necessary information. It covers a variety of ways to participate, a wide range of legal apps to explore, and bonus offers for new bettors.

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Live MLS, Premier League Odds

Below, you’ll find live odds for the Premier League and MLS, sourced directly from online sportsbooks in Illinois. Use the drop-down menu on the left to alter your odds board. Click on any game line to be taken directly to the online sportsbook, where you can claim your new-player bonus bets and place your soccer bets.

Most popular soccer leagues to bet on at IL Sportsbooks

In the context of major North American sports, choices are primarily restricted to the top professional and college leagues. However, soccer presents a stark contrast. There are constantly several competitions to select from, many occurring in various global locations. Let’s explore two of the most popular leagues:

Major League Soccer

Interest in the MLS is increasingly growing across the US. The league now boasts 27 teams, with more expansion plans in the pipeline. During a standard season, teams participate in 34 games following a schedule that spans from spring to fall.

English Premier League

The Premier League, globally recognized as the best circuit, boasts a worldwide fanbase and hosts many of the world’s top players. Each year, from August to May, 20 teams vie for the title in this league.

To add an extra touch of international flavor to soccer, you don’t need to search too much. Online sportsbooks in Illinois offer you the finest action from all over the world.

  • La Liga, the premier league in Spain, also showcases 20 clubs.
  • Serie A, based in Italy, also has 20 teams competing each season.
  • The Bundesliga, which is the premier German league, includes 18 clubs.
  • Also referred to as the European Cup, the UEFA Champions League is a contest that showcases the leading teams from all over Europe.
  • The World Cup, the premier international competition, takes place every four years and sees 32 countries vying for ultimate dominance.
  • At the Summer Olympics, the US men’s and women’s teams participate and garner significant attention.
  • Europe, Asia, South America – all are included in the Other International Leagues.

When beginning with soccer betting, it’s common to focus on the MLS, Premier League, or World Cup. However, many game enthusiasts often broaden their scope to include other major competitions.

How to bet on MLS online in Illinois

The Major League Soccer (MLS) has been experiencing significant growth. In 2021, the league now comprises 27 teams distributed throughout the Eastern and Western conferences. Austin FC is the latest addition this year, with Charlotte FC set to join in the coming season.

Sacramento Republic FC and St. Louis City SC are set to start playing in 2023, increasing the total number of clubs to 30. There are also rumors that the league may expand to include 32 clubs in the near future.

Getting involved with MLS betting is best done now. The league is filled with excitement and action that is enjoyable from both a spectator and betting point of view. Let’s understand the current schedule structure:

  • Every team participates in 34 games each season, split evenly with 17 games played at home and 17 played away.
  • Each team in their conference is faced twice by clubs.
  • The remaining games on the schedule are against teams from the opposing conference.
  • The Supporters Shield is earned by the team with the best regular season record.
  • The playoffs are reached by the top 14 regular-season teams, with the first-round bye being earned by the top two seeds.
  • This is an elimination tournament, where the ultimate champion will be awarded the MLS Cup.

Bet on the Premier League and Champions League

Not too long ago, the coverage of Premier and Champions league soccer in the US was quite limited. Nowadays, you can legally watch games and place bets on their outcomes in Illinois.

For a long time, the only choices were either a journey to Vegas or partaking in the black market, involving risky offshore operators. However, these days, there’s no need for a road trip or risking your money with an offshore book.

The Premier League consists of 20 teams, including some of soccer’s most prominent brands. Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal are not only popular in their home country, but also command a significant following in the US.

Typically, the season spans from August to May, during which each team plays 38 games. Each team plays one game at home and another on the road against every other team in the league. Teams accumulate points through wins and draws, and the team with the highest points at the end of the season is declared the champion.

The Champions League showcases the leading teams from across Europe, starting with qualifiers and progressing through multiple rounds to the knockout stage. Real Madrid holds the record for the most wins in the competition, with 13 titles under their belt.

How to bet on soccer online in Illinois

If you want to legally place bets on soccer in Illinois, you must select a sportsbook regulated by the state. We suggest several operators, each offering excellent sign up bonuses.

Starting is simple. Take for instance, if you wish to place a bet with DraftKings Illinois, all you have to do is click on our provided links to set up a new account. This will redirect you to a new page where you can input your details, a procedure which merely takes a few minutes.

After ensuring the accuracy of your data and selecting the appropriate boxes, click on “Submit”. DraftKings will promptly verify your new account, making you eligible for bonuses. Also, consider downloading the DraftKings Sportsbook app from the website for mobile access.

Spend some time exploring the sportsbook to familiarize yourself with it. You’ll notice that the experience on the website and the app is quite comparable, although there are a few minor differences to be aware of.

For instance, a complete list of accessible markets is displayed on the left side of the website. Clicking on ‘soccer’ will expand the selection to reveal various leagues. Once you locate the league you wish to bet on, click on it and the lobby will be filled with the relevant options.

The process is somewhat more compact on the app due to the limited screen size, but the concept remains identical. Just open up the options menu, find the link for soccer and click on it to see all the choices available.

For instance, suppose you click on MLS on either the web or mobile platform. All the existing matches will be displayed with the current soccer odds. You can immediately place a bet on a team or a tie, or you can browse through the various types of bets available.

We’ll discuss all the betting methods shortly. For the time being, it’s important to understand that each match listed requires careful consideration. Whether you’re betting online or using a top-notch mobile operator, it’s a breeze.

How to read soccer betting odds and lines

Online sportsbooks generally list soccer matches with a three-way moneyline bet as the default. This type of wager allows you to choose which team you believe will win or if the match will end in a tie. The typical odds for this line could appear as follows:

Columbus Crew  +120
Tie +230
Chicago Fire FC +250

In this match, the Crew are the favorites against Fire FC. In the soccer line, all options might have positive numbers, with the smallest number pointing to the favored team. To bet on any of the options, all you need to do is click on the respective box.

Immediately place the bet on the slip. Then, you need to input your betting amount and confirm that all details are accurate before hitting the submit button.

That is a highlighted method of betting on soccer, but it’s certainly not the only way to participate. Let’s explore other major types of bets:

Double Chance: This type of bet lets you choose a side and a draw, rather than just one potential outcome, or you can opt for either side to win.

Liverpool/Draw        -150
Chelsea/Draw          -180
Liverpool/Chelsea    -140

For the Draw No Bet wager, a tie is not considered. If the match concludes in a draw, the bet is considered a “push” and your wager will be refunded.

Argentina                   -130
Brazil +110

Goal Line: In soccer, the goal line is similar to a spread. It’s usually set at 0.5 goals, however, alternative goal lines are also provided by operators.

Toronto FC            – 0.5 (-105)
New York FC  +0.5 (+125)

Totals: This functions similarly to an over/under wager in various other sports. The oddsmakers establish a number for you to select from:

Over                     2.5 (-115)
Under 2.5 (-105)

Halves: To delve deeper into the match-ups, you can determine which side will prevail in each half of the game.

Manchester City – first half           +120
Manchester United – first half  +110
Tie – first half    -115

Objective: Consider an assortment of prop-type bets such as which team will score the first goal or the total team goals.

Columbus Crew Total Goals  
Over 1.5 +122
Under 1.5 -102

Also included in the list of available game props are bets on events such as corner kicks taken and cards issued, in the game called Corners and Cards.

Total Corner Kicks in Match  
Over 9.5 (-130)
Under 9.5 (+110)

In addition to all the betting options available, there’s another significant factor to consider in soccer betting. You can place live bets on games as they unfold in real-time. This is also known as in-game betting, where the odds and offerings fluctuate based on the events occurring in the match.

The market moves swiftly, yet leading operators ensure it’s incredibly easy to keep abreast of the newest options. For instance, an IL betting app allows you to watch the game from anywhere and stay logged in to follow what’s happening.

When an appealing bet arises, you can swiftly and effortlessly place your wager. Live betting can enhance the thrill of watching soccer, but always remember to bet sensibly and never beyond your means.

How soccer prop bets and futures work

If you’re looking for other methods to bet on soccer, don’t forget to explore the futures market. These are bets you can make on events that won’t happen until later. The leading markets remain functional almost all year. Here are some of the most favored options.

  • World Cup winner
  • MLS Cup winner
  • Premier League champion

All teams participating in the competition will have soccer betting lines. The list usually displays favorites at the top, long-shots at the bottom, and all other teams in between. The odds for a few favorites vying for the MLS Cup may appear as follows:

Philadelphia Union      +450
Los Angeles FC          +550
Seattle Sounders        +650

Futures odds are released during the offseason, yet the market remains active all season. You’re free to place your bets whenever you choose, but bear in mind that a long-term perspective is necessary. As bets are placed, the odds board will fluctuate, so be sure to revisit frequently to secure the best prices.

We have already discussed a few of the prop bets available for soccer, however, the list is far more extensive. Here are some additional prop betting opportunities you may encounter:

Will both sides score in the game — yes/no?
Which player will score the game’s first goal?
Will any player score two goals in the match — yes/no?

In addition to individual game props, there are also season-long props for you to consider. These may include things like player of the year award winners or over/unders on player statistics.

Sportsbook rules for betting on soccer

Every sportsbook has established house rules for wagering on soccer and all other sports. While the details are typically uniform across the industry, there might be slight variations in some aspects. Here’s a basic rundown of what you should be aware of:

  • Once the game begins, all bets are considered active.
  • If a delay or postponement occurs, bets may still be valid if the match is scheduled to be completed within a reasonable period.
  • Bets will be voided and wager amounts will be returned to bettors for games that are completely canceled.
  • All bet settlements are determined by official league data and statistics.

The aforementioned encompasses numerous situations that may occur, but we must reiterate that occasional irregularities may surface. To understand precisely how books manage any exceptional instances, it’s advisable to revisit the house rules and terms and conditions.

Euro 2021 odds / 2022 World Cup odds

The upcoming UEFA European Football Championship, often referred to as the Euro, is scheduled to occur from June 11 to July 11, 2021. Because of the futures market, you can make your choices without delay. Here is a look at the soccer lines for some of the leading favorites:

Team DraftKings
England +550
France +550
Belgium +600
Germany +700
Portugal +800
Spain +900
Netherlands +1100
Italy +1200

The wait for the next World Cup is even longer, scheduled to take place in Qatar from Nov. 21 to Dec. 18, 2022. Futures market odds are already available and will continue to evolve as the much-anticipated event draws closer. Here is the current situation:

Team DraftKings
France +600
Brazil +700
Germany +700
Spain +750
England +1000
Belgium +1100
Argentina +1200
Netherlands +1400

MLS in Illinois

The local Major League Soccer (MLS) team is Chicago Fire FC, originally established in 1997 as Chicago Fire Soccer Club. This team was one of the first expansion teams in MLS. Right from the start, the Fire witnessed tremendous success, securing victories in both the MLS and US Open in 1998.

Since then, the club has not managed to clinch the MLS Cup, however, the Fire secured the Supporters Shield in 2003. More US Open Cup triumphs were achieved in 2000, 2003 and 2006. Below are some of the important information about the team:

  • Home Games: Soldier Field
  • Location: 1410 S. Museum Campus Drive, Chicago
  • Capacity: 61,500
  • Head Coach: Raphaël Wicky
  • Captain: Francisco Calvo
  • Ante Razov is the all-time leading goal scorer with 94 goals.

Ever since their third place finish in the Eastern Conference in 2017 followed by a first round playoff loss, the Fire have not seen postseason play. The franchise hired Wicky as their 10th head coach at the close of 2019, fostering a growing sense of optimism that the club might soon be able to make a comeback.

5 of the best soccer players from Illinois

Illinois is home to numerous athletes who have made significant strides in major sports, including soccer. Several of these athletes have distinguished themselves in top collegiate programs within the state, with some advancing to have remarkable careers at a higher level. Here’s a brief overview of five individuals who have greatly impacted soccer in Illinois.

  1. Brian McBride, who was born in Arlington Heights, had a prolonged career with the US Men’s National Team. He played in both the MLS and the Premier League, including a stint with the Fire from 2008 to 2010.
  2. Marcelo Balboa, born in Chicago, is a revered member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame. In addition to his achievements with the US Men’s National Team, Balboa has also carved out a successful second career as a leading soccer commentator for ESPN and ABC.
  3. Mauricio Pineda is a current member of the Fire and a homegrown talent. He scored 17 goals throughout his college career at North Carolina. Born in Chicago, there are hopes that Pineda will emerge as a cornerstone player.
  4. Leisha Alcia, a Canadian-born goalkeeper, is one of the standout players in the history of University of Illinois women’s soccer. As a two-time All-American, she played a critical role in guiding the Fighting Illini to victory in the 2003 Big Ten championship.
  5. Vanessa DiBernardo is currently a player for the Chicago Red Stars in the National Women’s Soccer League. She was born in Naperville and played college soccer at Illinois. DiBernardo has also been a part of the US Women’s National Team during her career.