IGB To Announce Winners Of Waukegan, South Suburban Casino Licenses In January

Written By Joe Boozell on September 9, 2021Last Updated on October 12, 2021
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According to Marcus Fruchter, administrator of the Illinois Gaming Board( IGB ), the winning bidders for the licenses to the Waukegan and south suburban casinos should be known by mid-January.

Fruchter stated that when there are multiple bids for the same license in Waukegan and the south suburbs, the IGB must hire a consultant to evaluate the applicants in accordance with Illinois law during Thursday & rsquo’s board meeting.

On July 9, the committee hired a consultant, and the IGB says it will make its decision in six months.

In addition to having a winning bid, the IGB will also have preliminary eligibility results for & ldquo. & rdquo, Therefore, the casino-approval procedure should really get under way in 2022.

Fruchter remarked:

& ldquo, Within six months of the game board hiring the consultant, we anticipate making a decision regarding both competitive choice process winners for Waukegan and west suburbs and initial suitability based on current knowledge. & rdquo,

The Waukegan registration candidates are listed below:

  • Rivers Waukegan Casino, d / b / a CDI-RSG Waugan, LLC
  • American Place Full House Resorts, Inc.
  • North Point Casino & nbsp, d / b / a Lakeside Casino, LLC

The candidates for the southern affluent license are listed below:

  • LLC d / b / a Southland Live
  • LLC South Suburban Development
  • LLC Wind Creek

There will be a special meeting on Oct. 13 where the applicants can present their cases to the board.

The IGB has found casinos in Rockford and Williamson County “preliminarily suitable” to date. But those licenses only attracted one bidder, hence the speedier processes.

Though, generally speaking, most would not consider anything about the Illinois casino license process “speedy.” Many of these development groups applied all the way back in October 2019.

Why people dislike the fresh game system in Illinois

Five south suburban lawmakers recently tried to get Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker involved in the new casino process in an effort to quicken the pace.

They wrote in their letter to Pritzker:

& ldquo, Your South Suburban Chicago constituents have endured a number of challenges over the past two years, but none may be worse than their own government’s inaction on proposals to boost local economies, increase incomes, and create new jobs.

Please motivate IGB to take action, & ldquo. Families in our area are denied the chance to win better jobs and better incomes every day that we put off the casino project in the Southland & mdash, where annual household income ranges as low as$ 27,000. & rdquo,

Many thought there would be a decision by October 2020. The IGB kicked the can down the road then. It appears that the Illinois bureaucracy has gotten in the way to a certain extent.

Although January 2022 is quite some time after October 2020, interested parties at least have a clear timeframe following Thursday’s meeting.

Update on Walker & rsquo, s Bluff Casino

The IGB discovered Walker & rsquo, s Bluff Casino in Williamson County, earlier this year. Walker & rsquo Bluff asked to change its application on Thursday.

It has not yet asked for the start of the building method. but anticipates doing so in the coming days. Walker & rsquo, s Bluff then anticipates starting construction in October. It anticipates that development will take approximately 18 months.

Walker & rsquo, s Bluff’s tentative opening date would be April 2023 as a result. Before that, it doesn’t anticipate opening even part, though that may change depending on how the design process progresses.

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