Wisconsin Casino Plans Means Nearby Hard Rock Rockford Project Better Start Rolling

Written By Joe Boozell on March 30, 2021
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Governor Wisconsin Last year, Tony Evers approved a$ 405 million game plan in the Illinois border-area town of Beloit.

The game in Beloit is expected to occur as Wisconsin governors usually have one state involved in game projects. Following this, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is required to finalize its approval.

In a statement, Evers said:

“We need to implement all required measures to boost economic growth in communities throughout our state while we strive to recover from this pandemic.”

Wisconsin prohibits legal sports betting and online gambling, however, the BadgerState hosts 26 games.

In addition to the casino, hotels and convention centers, the building might also feature a 40,000 square feet waterpark. Its location would be in close proximity to Interstates 39 and 90.

Additionally, it would be approximately 20 kilometers away from Rockford, Illinois, which is rapidly working towards opening the Hard Rock Casino there.

The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) is known for its slow process of accepting new casino applicants. Although the IGB deemed Hard Rock Rockford “preliminary suitable” in February, it has still not given the final approval.

The Wisconsin approach appears to involve less bureaucracy, causing concern for at least one Illinois senator that a casino in Beloit may launch prior to one in Rockford.

Illinois senator: Wake up, Wisconsin casino a & lsquo,

State Sen. Dave Syverson, the representative for Illinois’ 35th District, has always been vocal about the sluggish casino application process of the IGB.

“I’m hoping that this will serve as a wake-up call for the state,” Syverson said to ABC Rockford. “Historically, the upcoming competition could pose a significant challenge for us.”

In theory, the game that launches second may hold a significant advantage in attracting customers.

“If Wisconsin opens a casino before us, people will become accustomed to going there. This will make it more challenging to attract them back to our local casinos.”

It might be considered ironic that, among the six new casino licenses available in Illinois, the Rockford process is advancing at the fastest pace.

The only new casino proposal that the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) has initially deemed suitable is Hard Rock Rockford. It seems likely that the IGB will eventually grant final approval. However, the issue is currently much more pressing.

Syverson said, “We warned that this could happen if they didn’t expedite or approve those programs. Now that Beloit has been given the green light and they’re going to begin and wait.”

IL game certificates are available in Waukegan, Danville, Williamson County, the southern cities, and Chicago.

The IGB will have its next appointment on April 21.

2019 saw Hard Rock Rockford submit a permit application.

In October 2019, Hard Rock Rockford and several other candidates submitted applications for game registration.

They were expected to receive a response from the IGB within a year. However, when October 2020 came, the IGB postponed the decision deadline at least six more times.

The committee meeting on April 21 will be regarding the six-month timetable, which is roughly the planned timeframe. The appointment schedule will be made available 48 hours before the meeting.

The optimal scenario for those keen on more IL games would be the final approval of Hard Rock Rockford and other games, initial eligibility, and the outcomes for a game in Waukegan, Williamson County, in the southern residential area. Danville and Chicago are not as advanced in this process as the other regions.

Naturally, considering the present sequence of events, it seems improbable for all of that to happen in just one swift motion.

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